6 Claims Bogus SEO Companies Make

The marketing landscape changed with the introduction of the internet. Now, businesses focus on gaining the upper hand both in traditional media and on search engines. Companies want to be visible to their next potential customer. And this is where hiring a search engine optimization company comes in. However, you have to be very careful and weed out these bogus SEO companies from the legitimate ones. Here are some SEO scams these bogus companies present.

  1. Offering Free Service
    Truth be told, nothing is free nowadays. If an SEO Company say that they can offer their services, deliver outstanding results without costing you money is an obvious scan.
  2. First Page Rankin Guarantee
    No legitimate SEO company in their right mind will claim this. Higher visibility, yes. But guaranteed first page presence? That’s a red flag.
  3. Submitting to Hundreds of Search Engines
    Honestly, how many search engines do you know? How many do you use? That alone should trigger an alert.

Want to know the other 3? Read the rest here: 6 SEO Scams you Need to Check while Hiring an SEO Company.

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