How to incorporate Instagram in your Online Marketing Strategy

Businesses nowadays are trying to keep up with the times, particularly in the realm of social media. That is why their online marketing strategy includes having a visible presence in certain social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. But how about Instagram, the photo-sharing website? Do companies need to be there as well?

According to the ‘Instagram Gal’, Sue B. Zimmerman, businesses should consider being on Instagram because it allows you to communicate directly with customers and give a whole new visual experience.

Since it is mobile and a free app on iOS and Android, it allows you to engage with your customers real-time; much like Twitter, but visually. You can capture images directly from the app, upload from your library, or even create 15-second videos. Like other apps, you can integrate and share the photos to other social media platforms.

According to Sue, it can work for any business – B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customers). Instagram can be used to portray and share what the company is passionate about visually. As a social networking site, users can comment and like photos, thus allowing you to engage well with your customers.

Sue said that it’s the hashtag that makes your presence known – get discovered by customers and even potential ones. Sue said that some people and brands, with significant presence on Instagram, follow and share almost anything with this hashtag. This allows your business to expand your reach, engage with other users, and strengthen your online marketing strategy.

Of course, numbers and statistics are the best way to see if it’s actually working for your business and your online marketing strategy. You can check Statigram and analyze key metrics in your Instagram account.

Listen to the full podcast interview here | Instagram Marketing: How to Get Started With Instagram

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