How to Make Your Next Blog Post Popular

If you have been blogging for the same brand for a long period of time, I’m sure you’ve experienced hitting a brick wall – You don’t know what to write about anymore. Then, you ask yourself “Is this really something my audience/customers will actually read?” The answer to this question lies in the most obvious place to look at – your social connections. Here’s how to find that next share-worthy, ‘like’ magnet blog post topic.

  1. Look at competition
    I want to stress the word “look”. So don’t think of “copying” your competition. What you need to do is find their social media posts that garnered above average likes and comments or shares. Once you do, analyze what their audience is particularly talking about. Are they talking about a particular brand? A trend? An upcoming event? This is a perfect hint on what your next blog post topic would be.
  2. Look at your own community
    It’s a no brainer that the best place to find treasure is in your own backyard. Don’t start asking your audience what they want to read next. Instead, pick up from their conversations with fellow fans. Start analyzing how they talk about your products, what common problems they encounter etc. You could also start utilizing your inbox. Turn those questions and inquiries into blog post!Your Facebook Page insights can also give you a hint if your customers want to hear or see more of a certain product or service you are offering simply by looking at your Facebook Insights and checking which posts got the most likes, shares and comments. If you’re more active on Twitter, you can use tools like Sprout Social to find out which of your tweets have had the most RT’s (retweets) or reach. You can start checking which hashtags they use and join in their conversation as well.


In the end, it’s all about listening to your audience. You don’t want to be the company that makes a lot of noise but no one has actually heard. Learn to become flexible when writing your blog posts and stay committed to your customers by giving them what they want. This will surely drive traffic to your site and ultimately, encourage brand loyalty to your audience.

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