How to Maximize Local SEO Presence


Everyone wants to be number one, especially when it comes to business. And so, being number one in search engine results is very crucial. But with all the companies all over the world buying for the top spot, it was logical for Google to make search results local-oriented. Here’s how your business can enhance your local search engine optimization strategy.

  1. Set priority on local SEO from the beginning
    If you want to appear on the first page of Google when somebody searches for “Los Angeles Mediterranean restaurant”, you have to set it as one of your priorities even before you begin implementing SEO tactics.
  2. Decide your local SEO focus and develop your plan around it
    Going back to the earlier example, surely you have other potential keywords you want to appear first in the results. However, you can’t expect it to happen overnight. At the same time, is that really how customers are searching for a restaurant in LA? Do a keyword research and set your plan based on that result.
  3. Analyze your site from both user and robot perspective
    LA is big. Where are you located specifically? You and your loyal customers may know it but Google bots won’t know that. So, you have to tell them – repeatedly and extensively on all pages and posts.
  4. Makes search engines happy with fresh, local content
    Content is King and we couldn’t stress it anymore. But don’t bombard your site with senseless stuff. Remember; write for humans first before writing for search engines. Don’t even dare copy posts from other sites or your efforts will go down the drain. Write something from the heart; something local; something your readers will enjoy.

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