Why Small Business Owners Need to Invest More in SEO

Back in 2008, many business owners engaged in various SEO strategies such as keyword stuffing, bookmarking, paid links, duplicate content, etc. Sadly, after applying these tactics, they simply stopped and ignored the updates that Google implemented about SEO. Here are four reasons why small businesses should reconsider investing more on SEO and revisit their previous tactics.

  1. Google Asked Us To
    It’s as blatant as it can be. With Google’s search algorithm updated, old practices are considered obsolete. Keyword stuffing your page won’t do no more. Content is King and Google wants small businesses to produce quality content – not just for robots but for humans as well.
  2. Recovering From Google Updates is Expensive
    Business owners may think that hiring a web content developer or something is expensive. Fact it, they have to update now or spend more trying to fix the damage their old SEO strategy did.
  3. SEO has merged with Marketing
    SEO is not about search engine results and rankings anymore. It’s also PR, marketing, and brand management.
  4. SEO ROI remains High
    By the end of the day, numbers don’t tell a lie. SEO is still a good investment and its ROI is well worth the expense.

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