5 Tips for Writing Great Email Newsletter Subjects

Every great email starts with a compelling subject line. Not only does it provide the recipient with insight about the email, but provides a call to action for the email to be opened. Great email subject titles lead to excellent email newsletter campaign open rates. Here are 5 tips to get people to open your emails:

  1. Write a subject line – I’m sure this seems like a no brainer but more times than not, people forget to write a subject! This leads to low open rates and your emails potentially going to SPAM. Try writing them before you start the body of your email.
  2. Keep it short and sweet – Typical email subject lines are about 60 characters but you realistically want to be around half of that.  30 characters (or about a maximum of 8 words) is a safe number to make sure the reader can see the entire subject line message without opening the email.
  3. Frontload the subject line – Place important words at the beginning. Call’s to action or clear subject context ensures a high open rate.
  4. Trim the fat – Words and phrases like “Hello”, Nice to meet you” or “Thanks” are filler words. All they do is clutter your subject line with useless jargon. Get straight and to the point. Save those terms for the email body.
  5. Clarify the topic – Be straight and to the point. Don’t lallygag around the purpose of your email. Keep both the topic and your email concise.

Emails should only offer one point or purpose. Cluttering emails with multiple items elongates them with fluff and tend to go unread. If you would like additional tips and recommendations, feel free to reach out! We’re around to help you.

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