Essential Features for DJ Websites


Long gone are the days where a DJ only need talent and a business card to get booked. Let’s face it, in this very competitive market where almost everyone is a DJ, you really need to stand out to get a gig. In addition to having a very active social media platform you also need to have a really great looking DJ website. This website will act as a central hub for looky loos or potential clients to see what you’re all about.

The problem is, there aren’t very many amazing looking DJ websites out there. See for yourself.  It’s easier to find a needle in a haystack than it is to finding a well designed DJ website. It seems like there is either a lack of direction or cats are trying to do too much.  Here is a list of bare necessities when it comes to having a DJ website.

  • Image Slider – Have a dope high res image of yourself. It doesn’t have to be of you DJing. Just something that looks nice and professional.
  • Gig Calendar – Have a place where you list your upcoming gigs. People need to know where you’re playing in the future so they can come check you out.
  • About Section – This doesn’t have to be wikipedia crazy. Just a place where you can write a quick blurb about yourself, how long you’ve been DJing and some major career highlights.
  • Music – People are hungry for new content from you in the form of DJ mixes. Try to make a new mix once a month.  Host it on a place like Mixcloud and embed it to your website. That way they it’s easy for fans to listed to some of your mixtapes or live sets.
  • Contact – A simple form with your email and telephone number listed.  You don’t need anything crazy for this.  Just the bare necessities.

That’s it! Sure you can add a blog, video section or shop. The only problem is, that’s just more items for you to curate. It’s not worth the time if you don’t have it. What do you think of the list? Leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you can think of anything else that should go on a DJ website.

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