A Proven SEO Strategy: Long Tail Keywords


Often times most people fall in love with what we in the industry call ‘vanity’ key terms.  Vanity key terms are words or phrases  that describe what a company is trying to sell. If you’re a Realtor then a vanity key term would be ‘real estate‘. If you’re a lawyer a vanity key term would be ‘personal injury’.

The Facts

The problem is key terms are very broad.  Studies have also shown that if a person is only doing research, they will type one of these vanity terms to find out more information. As gorgeous as it would seem to the ill-informed, it is not a good idea to be vying for vanity terms. The truth in the matter is 80% do not convert.  Not to mention there is heavy competition among the positioning for these key terms.

The Long Tail Strategy

Long tail keywords are three or four word phrases that are very specific. Long tails have a higher conversion rate than it’s vanity counterpart.  This is because long tail searches are usually a result of a potential customer doing research on a product or category and they are ready to purchase.

Using long tails in your online marketing strategy to build out product specific landing pages has proven to increase conversion.  You have an 80% better chance of converting over a 20% chance chasing a vanity. Another really great thing about long tails are they usually have minimal competition.  Not to many companies are vying for long tail keyword positioning because they just are not hip to the trend.  They are still busy chasing after those illusive vanity key terms.

Stay tuned to my next post where I start diving in to real time strategies about how to use long tails in your online marketing plans.  More info soon come!


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