A Proven SEO Strategy for Long-Tail Keywords


Last week I wrote a post regarding the benefits of long-tail keywords. They are the low hanging fruit to any SEM strategy and are often overlooked by most novice marketers. Here’s a quick little strategy you can take home with regards to building out long-tail keywords into your online marketing strategy.

Long-Tail Landing Pages

Hop on to a program that can shoot out several long-tail keywords. We like to use SEMRush.  Let’s use the keyword ‘web design’ as an example (pictured below).


The next step is to look at the related keywords tab. Organize the results by competition (lowest to highest).


What you see in the above image are keywords with low competition. In many cases, simply building out a page optimized for any of these key terms is enough to have them rank on Google. Granted the pages may not receive much traffic. However if you build out enough pages, your page views will start adding up. Also, if there’s one thing we learned about long-tail keywords it’s that they have a high conversion rate.

Start off with 5 to 10 every month for the next year. I guarantee you will see a bump in traffic. Give this strategy a try and tell me how you like it. Leave a comment below and LMK your thoughts.


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