How to Make Your Sales Emails More Effective

Email campaigns are a staple of online marketing (hyperlink:, but how do you make sure that yours are reaching customers? Read on for some tips on crafting sales emails with maximum impact!

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Hire a Digital Secretary

Email marketing is a great way to stay in contact with your customer base, but it can mean a big investment in time and resources. Luckily, you can choose a digital assistant (hyperlink: – an email marketing program that will draft, schedule, and archive all of your communications with customers. They’ll also help you with segmentation, an approach that divides sales emails into different sectors, like ‘newsletter’ and ‘special promotion,’ so you can target customers more efficiently. Mail Chimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact are popular examples. You can purchase a program with a basic menu, or you can sign up for full-service email marketing. These programs will even help you track readership, click-throughs, and other impact metrics, so that you can refine email campaigns over time.

Be Spam Savvy

It’s important to make sure that your sales emails follow federal anti-spam regulations. On top of that, most email programs have their own spam filters, which usually mark email as spam based on a few simple cues. Multiple exclamation points, words like “sale” and “deal,” and even colors like yellow and red can trigger a spam filter. Your best bet is to use a restrained approach. Stick with your own specific color scheme, give each email a specific heading, and stay away from the extra punctuation.

Heads Up

Your inbox probably sees its share of marketing emails, and you probably don’t open every one you get. A concise, creative subject line can mean the difference between an interested customer and a one-way ticket to the recycling bin. A question will engage customers right away. Specific information about a service or a promotion will motivate customers to learn more. Remember to “trim the fat:” write a subject line like a newspaper headline, and save greetings and other extras for the body of your email.

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Set the Standard

The best way to ensure that your marketing emails are memorable is to create and use a standardized template for all of your marketing emails. You can use this layout to increase brand visibility by incorporating a heading with your logo. If you repeat color cues from your logo, your marketing emails will seem integrated and professional. If you can align marketing email design and website design, your customers will connect your emails to your online presence.

You Had Me at Hello

Personalized communication is successful communication. Start with a friendly salutation, and introduce yourself to customers by name. If possible, incorporate a headshot into your business email heading, so that customers can see a familiar face. If you can integrate the same personalized content into your website, through a sidebar, an ‘About Us’ section, or profiles of your sales team, your customers will feel like they know you already. This strategy can be especially helpful for companies that only do business online, and it can help you get your foot in the door when you’re emailing new customers.

Worth a Thousand Words

Visual content is more likely to catch customer interest. Graphic cues like colorful layouts or cartoons package information in a way that is clearer and more memorable. You can also use visual content to help familiarize your customers with your services – use a screenshot approach to walk them through a new feature on your website, or an infographic to guide customers through your service menu.

Mind Your Ps and Qs

Professional editing is as important in marketing emails as in any other business communication. More so, because typos and poor writing won’t just seem unprofessional. Customers will associate mistakes with spam, and they’ll be much less likely to read any message from you. If you don’t have time to proofread every email you send out, consider hiring a professional content writer or copyeditor. The added polish and eloquence will be worth the expense.

Less Commercial, More Communication

Customers are less likely to read sales emails that seem too “salesy.” You can solve this problem by sending emails that go beyond a sales pitch to provide customers with meaningful support and useful information. You can check in with them to ask for feedback about your products and services, or link to a tutorial or other useful info on your webpage. If you can create a simple newsletter or ‘update’ section on your website, you can send regular notification emails to everyone on your list.

Break Routine

Many business emails are ‘transactional emails,’ or automatic communication to existing customers. For example, customers will receive an email confirmation of an online purchase, or an email allowing them to track shipment of an order. Each of these emails is an opportunity to connect with a customer. If you can add personalized greetings and incorporate informative content into these routine emails, your customers will see them as more than routine. An occasional coupon or a small sample product will make your customers more interested in checking every email you send.

Forward Thinking

Email marketing can be more than a simple message. Consider adding a ‘Share’ button to your emails, especially info about a promotion or in-store event. Your customers will forward your marketing emails to people who share their customer profile, magnifying their impact. You’ll gain exposure, and they’ll remember your marketing emails as a great way to score discounts and learn about new products. If you can provide links to a facebook page or online video, your emails can double as social-media outreach. A “call to action” is an effective way to lead your customers to the next step in their purchase journey. For example, let them know that they can enroll in an online seminar, add you to their address book, or enter a contest for a gift certificate by visiting your webpage.

Email marketing is a time-tested way to reach new customers and inspire loyalty from existing ones. A few simple steps to maximize visual impact and highlight crucial will help you stand out from the crowd.

Are you interested in learning how to craft marketing campaigns that will reach customers on multiple platforms? We recommend a consultation with a team of digital marketing professionals who make it their business to stay on top of the latest innovations in marketing technology. Call Square 1 Group today!

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