Incorporating Videos into Your Marketing

Video content is memorable – and shareable. Studies show that content that incorporates video is more likely to be shared than text alone, and that people spend more time looking at a page with embedded video. Adding video to your marketing strategy will pull traffic to your site and give you a way to introduce yourself and your business to new customers. But how do you incorporate video content effectively? Read on for some tips on generating and posting video content that your customers will watch and share.

Vidoe Marketing

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Scope out the Competition

Video content is everywhere these days, so do some preliminary research by checking out videos produced by other professionals in your field. These will give you a sense of what kind of video content you want to create. Consider sharing videos you like on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and following industry professionals who create video content. They’ll be more likely to share your videos later on.

Tailor the Message to the Medium

Think about the subject matter you want to cover in your videos – and how you’ll pair it with other content. Video is versatile – you can film a presentation at a conference, give customers a virtual tour of your store, interview a member of your sales team, or walk them through one of your services. This content can be incorporated into your social-media presence and marketing materials, and it can be diversified for different platforms. Remember, too, that videos can be short – even two minutes of material is plenty.

Nail the Landing

Video is a stellar addition to a landing page. It gives you a chance to introduce yourself in a dynamic format, and it gives customers a reason to stick around long enough to read landing page copy and take a look at your menu. Consider creating a short introductory video to post on your landing page. Embed this introduction as a “pinned” post on your social-media accounts and link it at the top of your blog.

Put It in the Frame

It’s important to use text to frame videos for your audience. Label each video with a text caption, and provide a short text summary for every video posted to your blog, website, and social media accounts.  Remember to tease each video with a headline and short description so that your customers will click through.

Serial Strategy

Producing a video series is a great way to develop interest in your content over time – your audience will click through to check out your archive, and return to your website for the next installment. You can also create a video series during one shoot – for example, a set of themed tutorials or a segmented sales presentation – and post them as a series over several days or weeks.

Don’t Forget to Link

Whenever you post a video, include a set of links at the bottom of the post to past entries in the series or other videos on similar subjects. Include hyperlinks to past videos in your summary text. Add a video archive page to your website, and a tab to your header menu.


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Go Live

Live streaming is the next new thing in video technology, a live video link incorporated into a social media page.  Facebook just rolled out Facebook Live.  Periscope and Meerkat are alternative live streaming apps.  You make a date with your audience to stream live footage, and then they tune in to a broadcast in progress.  You can stream from an in-store event or an industry conference, or use live streaming video to broadcast a live videoblog. Since live streaming videos are embedded as social media posts, you can also use them to respond to comments in real time, giving customers a chance to offer instant feedback on your content.

Highlights Reel

Video is the perfect way to promote other kinds of original content.  Say you’ve created a detailed marketing report or an e-book that you want customers to purchase or download.  Develop a short video presentation to catch their interest.  A summary will give customers information about the product’s value and utility, and help you showcase your professional expertise to a wider audience.  You’ll also have an ad that readers and customers can share across platforms.

Call to Action

Video content convinces visitors to linger on your site or blog while they watch a video segment.  Get the most out of those extra minutes by displaying links to products and services nearby.  Include an invitation to sign up for your mailing list, so that customers can find out about other great video content.  Remember to highlight your contact, website, and social-medial information at the beginning and end of each video.

With video content, you can maximize the impact of your marketing materials and add eye-catching, shareable components to your website and social media pages. Don’t miss out on this versatile new technology.


Are you interested in learning more about video, live streaming, and other innovative digital marketing tools?  The team of digital marketing professionals at Square 1 Group can offer you expert advice on the best marketing strategy for your business.  Contact us for a consultation today!

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