12 Different Types of Marketing Email You Could Be Sending

Email marketing is the most direct way to reach and convert leads, a proven way to develop a longstanding relationship with your customers. But how can you diversify your email marketing campaign to garner interest from a variety of customers? Read on for some examples of innovative marketing email formats!


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  • Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are generated whenever a customer signs up for your email list. Friendly and polite, they can also work to nudge customers along to the next state of their purchase journey.  The key is to incorporate a “Call to Action” in each welcome email. Now that customers are on your email list, they’re more likely to follow you on Facebook, subscribe to your blog, and start an account on your site. Show them how!

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  • Email Newsletter

An email newsletter may seem labor-intensive, but it’s a great way to hold customer interest for longer periods of time. You don’t need much content to create a newsletter, either. Even a page of information is enough. Look over recent updates to your website and blog and see if that valuable content can double as material for a newsletter. If you do create a newsletter, be sure to link and share on social media – don’t let your work go to waste!

  • Digests

A digest is sort of like a “newsletter lite.” Instead of blocks of text, a digest typically includes short bullet points and captions. This is a great way to package important information and recent updates, and it’s less time-intensive for customers who might not be interested in reading a longer document.

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  • Infographics

Infographics are a snazzy way to format information, combining text with eye-catching charts and diagrams. The most successful infographics use eye-catching graphics and vivid colors to increase visual interest. Infographics are also shareable, which means that your customers can help you market your business!

  • Dedicated Emails

Dedicated emails are dedicated to a specific event or update, like an announcement of a seasonal sale or new product release. These emails may seem straightforward, but they can accomplish much more if you incorporate social sharing buttons and links to your blog and website. You may also want to add a coupon to print out and bring to an event, so that customers see how much value they get from subscribing to your email list.

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  • Order Status Emails

Nobody likes to be kept waiting, or have to worry that an order has gotten lost.  Now that aggregate sites like Etsy have sprung up to create virtual storefronts for cottage entrepreneurs, transparency and follow-up will help you stand out as a professional company. You can also take advantage of these emails to notify customers about other features on your website – for example, how much more streamlined the order process becomes for customers who set up an account with you.

  • Shopping-Cart Abandonment Emails

These are similar to order status emails – but they remind customers to come back and purchase products that have been added to virtual shopping carts and then left behind! These emails are a great way to close a sale in limbo, and you can also use them to expand tickets by showing customers similar items. For example, if you sell fabric, show customers an array of color coordinates or offer them a discount if they add another few items to their cart.

  • Reorder Emails

Your customers are busy people, and they’ll appreciate anything you can do to help out. So why not send them a reminder email when their product needs restocking? These are especially helpful for regular reorders like office supplies, as well as items like pet food, nutritional supplements and hair products.

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  • Birthday/Milestone Emails

Commemorative emails are a fantastic way to make your customers feel appreciated. Best of all, customers will feel motivated to treat themselves on birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebration days, which means that a special promotion or discount is that much more likely to net a sale.

  • Cross-Sell Recommendation Emails

“Cross-selling” involves using a customer’s order history to tag them for related products and services. For example, a customer who loves Spanish wines might be overjoyed to hear about a sale on Jamón ibérico or manchego cheese. A customer who loves a particular mystery series might be thrilled to find another author who writes in the same genre.

  • Co-Marketing Emails

Co-marketing is a joint marketing and sales effort by two companies partnering to create a campaign, event, promotion, or synergistic product. For example, a company that produces photo-editing software may partner with a camera company to offer a special suite of products for consumers who want to learn to create and edit their own photos. Co-marketing emails increase customer interest in these one-time deals.

  • Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead nurturing emails are designed to guide a lead along to the next stage in the purchase journey. Ideally, they should include a succinct “Call to Action” directing customers to your website. A streamlined front page dedicated to lead conversion is the best way to ensure the success of this strategy.

Email marketing is a valuable part of your company’s digital marketing strategy. With a little creativity, you can incorporate a wide array of tactics into your email marketing campaigns, capturing customer interest at a variety of stages in the sales journey. Experiment with these different techniques and formats, and you’ll be growing your business in no time!

Are you interested in learning more about developing and implementing a successful email marketing campaign? We recommend working with a team of dedicated digital marketing professionals who can provide you with expert advice on the best marketing strategy for your business. Contact Square 1 Group for a personalized consultation today!

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