Time Management Tips for Long and Short Term Projects

“We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it.”  -Roald Dahl


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If only the above quote were true! Many of us suffer from the feeling that we would do so much, if only we had more time in a day! Whatever your goals are – if you want to write a book, create a new website, implement a new digital marketing strategy at your small business, start a new career, go back to school, begin a new fitness plan, etc. – the possibilities are endless, and some effective time management skills come in handy. First, decide if the project you are looking to accomplish is a short-term or a long-term goal. This will help you organize your strategies.

Short Term Projects

Luckily, it can be easier to manage a short-term project than a long-term project (but we often come across both in life!). One of the crucial keys to completing a short-term project is to stay organized. Remembering all of the small tasks you need to do in different areas of your life can be extremely difficult.

First of all, brainstorm all of the actions that need to happen for this short-term project to get done, and build those actions into a tidy to-do list. There are many to-do list and action plan apps out there for you to use. Google Keep and Wunderlist are both popular apps for building to-do lists but old-fashioned pen and paper will also get the job done.

Next, set yourself some benchmarks and deadlines for getting each of the actions done. That way, you can approach the project little-by-little and space out the work on your calendar. By the time you know it, you’ll be done!

Long Term Projects

Completing a long-term project can be much more stressful and overwhelming. You’re left wondering, how can I possiblly get all of this done on my own? The steps to tackling the project are similar to the ones above. First, outline the entire project. Ask yourself, what are the goals I need to set to get this done? What are the outcomes I am looking to achieve, and how can I make them a reality?

Next, outline the steps you need to complete to finish the project. This will help you stay focused and help you avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by the tasks. Make sure that your outline includes some short-term goals within the bigger project, so you can avoid the tremendous stress of being behind.

One of the most important steps is to reward yourself when you hit these short-term benchmarks to keep up your morale and to keep a positive attitude about the project.

While working on a long-term project, find a good work area where you can focus and where you feel productive. If working at a coffee shop isn’t great for you, try setting up an at-home office or start going to the local library for some quiet time.

Schedule specific time during your week to work on the project. Make sure you pick a time in which you are productive. For example, some people focus better at 10 am while others focus better in the evenings at 5 pm. Once you find a time that works, spend 2-3 hours at a time working on the project during that time of the day.

As best you can, try to minimize the distractions that come up during your scheduled time to work on the project. Many people find turning off their phone and/or turning off social media can help them concentrate on the task at hand. (But be sure to take the occasional break, since you don’t want to burn yourself out!)

Keep yourself accountable for completing the project. Remember, achievements come with hard work and you’ll never regret reaching your long-term goals. If you have friends completing a similar project, create a support group. Ask a friend or family member to help keep you accountable by regularly sharing your progress with them. Remember to prioritize, because you won’t be able to finish that long-term project if you keep getting sidetracked by other tasks.

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