How to Create Effective ‘Welcome’ Emails

Welcoming someone to your digital newsletter, or to your company’s emails in general, is a meaningful step in the email marketing process that many marketers find successful. The following are some ways to craft effective welcome emails for your email list. They can also be used as tips for improving your current welcome email strategy.


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Greeting: It’s a welcome email after all; be sure to have a greeting in your email to draw users in. Think of a welcome email as a virtual handshake you are making with a potential customer. First impressions matter, and the content of the email may determine whether or not they keep reading your emails. Express an inviting tone that encourages users to keep reading your content. Most companies send a welcome email on the same day a lead signs up for an e-newsletter, so be sure to put your best foot forward and use a fitting subject line (i.e. Welcome to Square 1 Group).

Tailored Emails: Consider the segment you are targeting with your email marketing. Is this email being sent to a customer from your business, or is it being sent between businesses? You may tailor different types of welcome emails to the different target segments you are focusing your marketing time and workforce on.

Sweeten the Pot: A common but effective strategy is to include a promotion in the welcome email. This may take the form of coupons, free trials, free consultations, free shipping on the first purchase, or a discount. This encourages leads to interact with your website and try out your services, possibly becoming a future customer.

Interactivity: It’s not enough anymore for emails to be elegantly designed and contain text and links. More and more, people want to interact with engaging content. Always be sure to include social media buttons in your welcome emails that prompt users to follow your accounts. Also, embed videos in the email that are easy to navigate and allow users to see your product or meet your team. In other words, tell a story about who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer, and readers will want to follow along.

Education: A welcome email is a chance to be informative about your product or your services. Take the welcome email as a chance to explain to potential customers what you and your company are all about. This can be done with infographics, white papers, industry news, product spotlights, etc.

Don’t forget to include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email. Consider asking users to add your email address to their contacts, so they won’t miss your emails, And always include an appropriate call to action.

Are you interested in learning more about blogging and other components of a digital-marketing strategy? At Square 1 Group, we’re committed to providing a comprehensive digital-marketing strategy for each of our clients.  Contact us for a consultation today!


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