Tips to Help Boost a Blog Post’s Organic Ranking

Blogging is an excellent way to increase traffic to your website and to engage readers. Most importantly, a blog should provide unique and valuable content that will increase click-through rates, traffic, and encourage visitors to stay on your website. There are many reasons to implement a blog in your business. The following goes over tips to help boost a blog post’s organic ranking in search engines.


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First, you can analyze what your competition is doing on their blogs as you develop your own blogging strategies. Which keywords are they using and which keywords are they ranking for? This information will help you determine where to focus your marketing efforts.

Next, identify the keywords you want to rank for and analyze the strategies of blogs that are ranking for those keywords. You may choose to try some of these strategies on your blog. Are there other keywords these websites are not ranking for? These keywords could be low hanging fruit you can target with your blog posts.

As you create blog posts, be sure to optimize for keywords and long-tail keywords, but do not stuff the blog post with them. Keyword stuffing can harm your ranking and can make your blog look like spam to readers, which will discourage them from clicking through to your content. Instead, use a mixture of many keywords you want to rank for in one blog post. Also, don’t forget to publish quality writing on your blog. Writing that isn’t engaging or contains too many errors will usually not rank well.

In addition to the text of the blog, include images in your posts, and be sure to use alternative text descriptions. These descriptions should also include the keywords you are targeting, which will improve your organic rankings in image searches as well. Don’t forget to optimize the meta-data on each page of your blog – the meta-description, title, and keyword – should all up-to-date and optimized for the search engines. Keeping URLs short and including the keyword in the URL also improves rankings.

Make your blog easy to share on social media. This will improve your authority and relevance in search engines. You can include social media sharing buttons on your blog posts and share your blog posts on your own social media accounts; encourage friends, fans, and customers to share your content.

As you develop your blogging strategies, don’t forget to backlink to authoritative websites in your posts, and your blog should be optimized for mobile. Always track your improvement over time so you can analyze how your strategies are boosting your blog’s organic ranking.

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