What are the Best Brands on Instagram & What Are They Doing Right?

Instagram is a powerful social platform with hundreds of millions of visitors and users logging on every day. As social media marketing becomes integral to your marketing strategy, consider whether or not your online marketing efforts should tap into Instagram’s marketing potential.

Posting a visual image with a short message on Instagram sends a direct message. It’s also short and sweet, which means potential consumers are likely to read it and the entire message is communicated quickly. The following are some of the best brands on Instagram and what they’re doing right:

National Geographic: This famous publication publishes images on Instagram from real people all over the world. Instead of becoming obsolete, National Geographic adapts to new trends and new modes of digital communication, and is successful with 61.5 million followers.

This image taken by photographer Christian Ziegler tells a tells a story and makes the reader a part of the experience and adventure. It’s also paired with tags to make the photo searchable and appealing to people following those tags.



Photo Credit: httpss://www.instagram.com/p/BLlKzcnDqD_/?taken-by=natgeo

Target: Target markets products on Instagram by publishing creative photography that shows consumers how they can use items from Target in new and fun ways.

In this photo, an image of homemade fro-yo (frozen yogurt) with fruit and granola exemplifies a healthy snack. This resonates with users who want to eat healthier and attracts consumers who regularly cook and prepare food at home. But the goal is to market the muffin tin. The caption includes information on how users can find the link to purchase the muffin tin without making the post look too salesy.


Photo Credit:httpss://www.instagram.com/p/BD_CMW0pX4D/?taken-by=target

Staples: Staples sells office equipment and supplies, but the company’s Instagram profile is as far from boring office life as possible. Staples regularly posts unique visual designs that integrate office products, arts and crafts projects, and user-friendly tips for organization.

Staples strategies on Instagram work because the photos and captions engage with audiences. In this image, a man sniffs Mr. Sketch markers alongside the caption, “Which was your favorite?” This #TBT (throwback Thursday) post creates a sense of nostalgia for people who used the markers as kids. It also asks followers to engage with the post and comment on it. This is not just pushing marketing content that is solely about the product or the store; it creates a connection with people. The photo is also branded with the Staples logo in the bottom, right-hand corner.


Photo Credit: httpss://www.instagram.com/p/BKGn6BBD2ku/?taken-by=staples&hl=en

Ben & Jerrys: This iconic ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s has accumulated 674,000 followers on Instagram by advertising new flavors and concoctions in playful ways.

This photo, with 13,100 likes, is an example of how Ben & Jerry’s encourages consumers to associate the brand with love, friendship, and happiness. The caption reads, “Tag a friend who you want to go on a shake date with,” and it is paired with a photo of two friends drinking ice cream shakes. The friends look like they’re having a great time, which encourages followers to comment and interact with the post on an emotional level. This also drives traffic to the account as people remember good memories with their best friends.


Photo Credit: httpss://www.instagram.com/p/BIIdIdKAIr_/?taken-by=benandjerrys&hl=en

Chobani: This Greek yogurt company taps into its fan base by mimicking posts consumers make about the brand. For example, Chobani uses the tag #creationaday to encourage users to post photos of how they eat the yogurt and their creative recipes for using it. This makes people feel heard and allows them to share their favorite ways to enjoy the product. As a result, the audience feels a part of the brand and makes a connection with it.

Take this photo as an example, which asks customers, “What’s your favorite Chobani mix-in?”


Photo Credit: httpss://www.instagram.com/p/BLZFrLnDV9M/?taken-by=chobani

Consider these strategies, how you want people to connect with your company and/or products, and determine which practices you’ll use on your Instagram account.

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