Simple, Beneficial Marketing Partnerships

Marketing a small business online can be challenging when you aren’t working with the same resources as the big name competitors. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your efforts go a long way with some strategic creativity in your marketing campaigns. One simple way to increase the impact of your online marketing efforts is to invest in simple, beneficial marketing partnerships.

In these partnerships, companies help one another achieve their goals. Look for companies with a similar target market that are also similar in size to yours. Perhaps another small company produces and/or sells a product that is complementary to yours. There’s no competition, so there’s no reason not to work together in a marketing partnership to add value to one another, tap into each other’s audience, and increase each other’s reach and engagement online. For example, a local restaurant may partner with a local ice cream shop to market each other’s businesses to foodies in the area.


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The following are ideas for simple marketing partnerships:

Guest Blogging

In a guest blogging collaboration, each company writes a guest blog that is posted on the other company’s blog. A contractor and an interior designer might swap guest blogs that would appeal to the audience of each blog. Guest blogging gets your content in front of new leads, but it also gets you a backlink on the other company’s website.

Joint Promotion on Social Media

When two companies work together, you can run a bigger promotion without taking on all of the cost yourself. Many companies collaborate on social media promotions and contests that feature a package deal. Imagine a photo printing company and a framing company partner on a contest. The winner receives free photo prints and free framing for them. This helps promote each company’s product to a wide audience and increases engagement with each company on social media.


Develop partnerships with social media influencers (people – like bloggers – who have influence and reach in a particular market). Send the influencer a free product to review on their social media and their blog. For example, a cookware company may send a cast iron skillet to a blogger who focuses on cooking, recipes, and kitchen DIY to do a sponsored post. The company gets their product in front of the influencer’s audience and the influencer gets a free product for their home, but they also get to produce valuable content with the product.

Engage with One Another on Social Media

Be friendly with companies who you may want to do a partnership with on social media. Follow each other’s accounts, like each other’s posts, share each other’s content, and comment on each other’s updates. If another company posts your guest blog, share it on your accounts. Do this for each other so both audiences can receive content from both companies. Once you’ve done a partnership with another company, continue to engage with them on social media. If you extend the olive branch, others will usually follow suit.

Before going into a partnership, set the right expectations up front. Be friendly, but also, but specific about what you want to accomplish. Ask if the other company would be interested in it, what they would like to do, and what their expectations are for the partnership. Once you decide on doing a partnership, be sure to get your materials to the other company by the deadline, and thank your partner when you receive their materials. After the partnership, follow up later to see if the other company would be interested in collaborating again in the future. Develop these working relationships and invest in one another.

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