What Content Does Your Audience Really Crave?

With all of the content on the Internet, the members of your online audience have no problem finding content to fill their time. That’s why it’s important as social media campaigners to understand what kind of content your audience really craves, so you can produce and publish content people will actually consume and interact with.


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Content your audience craves will have the following qualities:

Offers Value to Readers

Each piece of content you post online should offer one or more takeaways for the target audience. Is your audience going to feel productive and satisfied after engaging with your content? Or will they feel like they wasted their time and could have spent that time on a different website or social media account? During their leisure time, people like to read helpful content that they can apply to their lives. Life pro tips, money saving advice, and time saving advice are all examples of valuable content. Additionally, content that is current and relevant to the times is also powerful.

Easily Digested & Received

If your content is too wordy, difficult to understand, and/or long and rambling, you’ll lose readers’ attention. Consider your target audience, what they would like to read, and what they identify with. You may write in a different tone for an audience of young professionals versus an audience of stay-at-home parents. You also need to decide which voice you will use across your content. Will your audience respond to the first person or to the third person? Furthermore, consider the platform you are posting on. You may be silly on Instagram, but you may use a more eloquent tone on LinkedIn.

Creative & Unique

To stay competitive with other social media campaigners and with other content out there, you need to be creative and offer content that is unique and fresh. Readers don’t want to read the same thing multiple times. Take a shot at something from a unique angle or a different perspective. Develop an interesting and engaging voice in your writing, which will help you to develop your online branding as well. An example of creative and unique content is copy that asks the audience about themselves and prompts them to engage online. In your status update, ask a question that users can respond to with images and hashtags. Starbucks does a great job of this by asking customers to post pictures of themselves drinking coffee with their friends.

Educates Consumers

Educational content is extremely popular on social media, on blogs, and in email marketing. Educational content is another type of valuable content that gets click-throughs. Educate your audience by teaching them about a product you sell, about a service your company offers, or about a cause they may want to contribute to. People feel good reading educational content because it’s a good use of their time, and it may help them save time when researching a purchase.

Varied & Visual

In addition to turning out content your audience will crave, find appealing, and read because it’s useful, you want to be sure to publish content that is varied. If you always publish the same kind of content, your audience may get tired of the same old same old content every week. In that same vein, you’ll want to offer visual content as well as written content. Online content with imagery is far more successful than written content alone. When you post a blog, include a photo. It’s the same with social media posts. Video are another great option, which you can post to your social media accounts and to a YouTube account. If you don’t have the means or the time to produce videos, you can link to other people’s content (as long as you give them credit and tag them).

Other types of varied content include:





-How-to Videos

-Expert’s Opinion


-Product Spotlights

-News Stories

-Press Releases

Look for topics that come up on your social media accounts with your target market. For example, if someone commented on a Facebook post with a question about the product or service you are advertising, you may want to use that question as the topic of a blog post.

Overall, be sure to develop and maintain relationships with your audience on social media platforms and on your blog. It’s important for people to feel heard, and if you continually engage in meaningful and creative ways, people will remember you.

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