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From ice-cream parlors to grumpy cats, everyone’s on Twitter. Along with Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, the ubiquity of this bite-size social media outlet makes it an important part of your company’s online presence. But how do you turn a Twitter account into part of your brand? Here are some tips for using Twitter to create a consistent voice and profile.

Who Are You?

Think of Twitter’s streamlined layout like a business card, and plan each image accordingly. Make sure that your icon and Twitter homepage incorporate your logo. Be sure to road-test any icon to ensure that the image can be clearly seen, even on mobile devices. Same goes for Twitter handles – make sure your company’s Twitter is named after your company, or customers won’t know who you are! For best results, you and your team should use a consistent naming system for all business accounts, so that people know they’re reading tweets from representatives of your company.

Keep It Professional

Part of consistent branding is establishing a consistent persona. Before you post something, ask yourself – Does it appeal to my customers? Does it relate to my company? Does it promote my business and professional activity? This will help you stay on-topic. For more down-to-earth content, link a personal Twitter to your company account. That way, customers will have the chance to get to know you without losing focus on your work.

Visual Messaging

Your Twitter profile page is the best place for creative visuals, and you’ve got a lot of options. Do you have any photos that show you and your team in a professional setting – presenting at a conference, interacting at work, speaking at an event? Do you have pictures of your storefront or offices that you can use? Second, think about awards, events, and other milestones you might want to highlight. These can be easily integrated into a profile image or bio. Finally, make sure customers see your face! A headshot on your homepage and email signature will make you seem approachable, and this same strategy works for your Twitter profile.

Share and Share a Link

Twitter is famous for quips and lightning responses, but it’s also a powerful way to draw attention to other kinds of content. Whenever you post a substantial update on your site or any other social media account, tweet it. If you can link to your content in response to a tweet by an industry leader or well-known author or journalist, so much the better. You can also “tease” with tweets – let customers know they can find out more on your website.

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Call to Action

Remember, a call to action is a time-tested marketing technique, nudging leads and customers to proceed to the next step with a specific instruction. For example, you might wrap up a blog post with, “What branding strategies work best for you?  Share in comments!” On Twitter, asking a question is a great way to start a conversation – even something as simple as linking an article or op-ed with “What do you think?” You can also promote your content with simple cues like, “Read more,” or “Join the discussion!”

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Everybody Loves Free Stuff

You want your company’s Twitter feed to include information about your products and services, so how do you keep from sounding too “salesy?” Simple! Incentivize sales-oriented content with a promotion. For additional impact, tie promotions and discount offers to your mailing list or Facebook page to gain new leads. And don’t forget to tweet any in-store sales and promotions, so you can turn Twitter fans into foot traffic!


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Each One Teach One

Another slick way to package information about your products is by linking tutorials on your website. If you have the graphic-design budget, commission infographics or slide shows. These kinds of content are extremely shareable, and you might even be able to feature them in a guest post or article if they attract enough interest. Video product demos combine a tutorial with a personable, friendly format. You can also look around to find fan and special-interest sites, to see if anyone would be willing to test your product. You tweet their review, and you both benefit.

Find a Friend

Twitter is a social networking site, after all – and one oft-overlooked way to strengthen your brand is to build connections. Following industry leaders and professionals in your area is a great fantastic way to attract attention. Make sure that you respond to mentions and shares, too – these are a sterling opportunity to start a dialogue, and savvy Twitter personalities will want to connect to you. When other people boost your comments and content, thank them. When you tweet an article, infographic, or video link, tag the creator. They’ll notice, and they’ll be more likely to share and tag your content in future.

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Level Up

You’ve got plenty of other chores in your daily rota, so an effective Twitter presence has to be an efficient one. Save time by scheduling tweets with an app like Klout or Hootsuite, so you can plan for maximum impact and frequent updates. Mention is an app that helps you track and respond to current conversations about you and your interests – you can even use it to streamline the replies process. Make sure to integrate your Twitter presence on other platforms – social media sharing buttons should be prominently featured on your website and Facebook page, and don’t forget to include your Twitter handle on analog materials like brochures and business cards!

Twitter is a versatile social media platform – and it can be a valuable marketing tool! With these guidelines in mind, you should have no trouble building and maintaining a consistent, appealing brand 140 characters at a time.

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