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Gmail has quickly become one of the most popular email clients on the market – in 2016, Google announced that Gmail had more than 1 billion monthly active users. Read on for a shortlist of Gmail plugins you can use to streamline professional communication, and increase efficiency!

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1) SaneBox

SaneBox will prioritize every email you receive, refining its sorting mechanism by learning from your behavior. Best of all, SaneBox allows you to set temporal priorities. You can use its “Snooze” function to shift emails to “Tomorrow,” “Next Week,” and “After Vacation.” You can even set up a “Custom Snooze” delay if your team is working on an urgent project.

SaneBox is $7/month for a starter Snack plan, $12/month for a midrange Lunch plan, and $36/month for a comprehensive Dinner plan. 

2) Hubspot Sales

Hubspot Sales is designed to track of whether or not emails to clients and leads get noticed or lost in the shuffle. This plugin also highlights information about recipients’ online behavior, including their social network memberships, so you can target them more effectively. Hubspot SalesPro goes even further, giving you the chance to create over 1,000 templates for tracking emails and content.

Hubspot Sales is free, and Hubspot SalesPro will cost you $50/month. 

3) Yanado

Email is the first draft of your daily schedule, a portal for updates on everything from conference presentations to team meetings. How do you stay current without getting mired in your inbox? Yanado combines inbox, schedule, and project management into a single dashboard.

Yanado is free for a single user.  Yanado’s Startup package accommodates up to 100 users at $6/user/month, and the Premium package accommodates up to 1000 users at $15/user/month.  Pricing for Yanado’s Enterprise package is available upon request. 

4) Todoist

Todoist automatically converts email notifications into a “to-do list” tab in your email inbox, so you won’t have to jump screens to stay organized. Designed for teams as well as individuals, Todoist also allows you to assign tasks, collaborate on group projects, and set deadlines and reminders so that everyone stays on the same page.

Todoist’s Basic plan is free to single users. The Premium plan for individuals costs $28.99/year, and the Business plan costs $28.99/user/year.

5) Batched

Multitasking is a vital skill for modern office workers, but studies show that quantity is an inherent drag on quality – even switching from one tab to another requires some time for a mental “reset.” Batched provides an elegant solution to compulsive email checking: it arranges emails in “batches” that arrive at regular intervals. Set Batched to deliver a set of emails every hour, and spend the interim working without interruption.

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Batched is free.  


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6) Grammarly

Error-free emails don’t just give you a professional edge. They also ensure that you don’t seem like a spammer – or worse, a scammer. How do you ensure perfect grammar when you’ve got just a few minutes to write, review, and send each email? Grammarly to the rescue!  This electronic editing plugin will spot spelling and grammar errors in a snap.

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Grammarly’s basic plan is free.  Grammarly’s Premium package is available on a monthly basis for $29.95 per month, a quarterly basis for $19.98 per month, and an annual basis for $11.66 per month. 

7) FollowUp

Email correspondence usually includes some lag time as you wait for a reply, but it’s tough to stay on top of tasks when you’re waiting for ten or fifteen responses on half a dozen projects. FollowUp keeps you on track by allowing you schedule reminders for follow-up messages. FollowUp is especially helpful for “high contact” clients, detailed revisions, and sensitive deadlines.

FollowUp’s Starter package for individual users costs $18 per user per month on an annual contract, and their Professional package for businesses costs $29 per user per month on an annual contract.

8) Mailburn

Mailburn is an iphone app designed to make your email ultra-mobile-friendly. It reformats email threads, arranging them to look like text messages. This makes it much easier to scroll down through a string of one-sentence queries and answers, so that you can process dozens of emails in minutes.

Mailburn is free. 

9) Rapportive

Rapportive allows you to reach out to contacts – clients, contractors, business partners – through their social media profiles. You won’t have to hunt through a diverse set of platforms, either. Rapportive will display them for you when you compose a new message.

Rapportive is free. 

10) Boomerang

Scheduling apps save a lot of time and trouble, especially for routine emails and multi-stage email marketing campaigns. We like Boomerang because it’s straightforward and easy to use, allowing you to plan emails using a menu or calendar format. With Boomerang, it takes just a few seconds to schedule a message.

Boomerang’s Basic plan is free.  The Personal plan costs $4.99/month, the Pro plan costs $14.99/month, and the Premium plan costs $49.99/month. 

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These plugins will save you time and effort, and allow you to focus on more important things – like succeeding in a competitive market!

Are you interested in learning more about time-saving technology? At Square 1 Group, we believe that an effective digital marketing plan incorporates multiple levels of strategic innovation. We stay on top of the latest technological developments so that we can provide you with the best solution for your company. Call us for a consultation today! 

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