Using Social Media to Attract Talent

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Recruiters and job seekers are increasingly using social media to find jobs – and sites like Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn are increasingly operating as social-media-integrated networks as opposed to isolated job search and professional development websites. “Social recruiting” is becoming more and more popular among employers looking for skilled, proactive talent – but how can you use this strategy to find star employees? Today we’ll walk you through some smart strategies for recruiting on social media.

Plant the Seed

To build your social recruiting base, start by building your social recruiting credibility. If you want talented people to reach out to you on social media, make sure they know that you’ll be receptive. When you have a job opening, share it on social media so that your followers know to check back regularly for updates and opportunities. They’ll also be more likely to follow you, like your page, and sign up for your mailing list if they have a solid incentive.

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Set the Stage

When you don’t have current job openings, post regular updates showcasing different career paths at your company. This content can include interviews with team members, behind-the-scenes videos from your office, and “career advice” posts about your industry. Information about your business and your relationship with your employees will frame you as an accessible and responsible employer, which will position you to take advantage of social recruiting channels.

Target the Right Candidate

You should post updates and job openings consistently, but it’s important to make sure that your ads are targeted to the right candidates. If you post general calls for applicants, or calls that don’t list a specific set of skills or objectives, you’ll seem desperate. It’s also important to project an air of credibility, since social media can also be an aggregator for spam and scam content. Targeted ads and job postings are more efficient, and they make you seem more discerning.

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Build an A-List

When you publish a post about a job opening, you’ll garner click-throughs from a diverse group of readers. Why not take the opportunity to add to your mailing list? If you provide links and contact forms, you’ll be able to build a professional address book full of motivated job seekers. If they’re not right for one position, they’ll be right for another – and they’ll also be able to forward emails about job opportunities to their professional and personal networks.

Grab the Spotlight

Another good way to attract talent – and build your mailing list and follower roster – is to follow and share posts from influencers in your field. Their fans will be pre-selected for social media engagement and professional awareness. Sharing and commenting on these posts frames your company as part of a larger professional culture. Social media influencers realize the value of relevant content – their feeds are rich in information about industry trends and professional success strategies. Use these posts as a jumping-off point for your commentary, and showcase your own expertise.

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Reward Referrals

If you want to attract talented applicants, build on your in-house talent. Your employees can speak firsthand about the benefits and opportunities you offer to your team, identify candidates who will be a good fit, and spread the word about job postings as soon as they go live. The best way to motivate your employees to seek out new talent is to offer a referral bonus. For best results, consider a “referral page” for your internal website, or even a short seminar in the office.

Go Live

Using Periscope or Facebook Live to host a Q&A will allow you to reach out to candidates in an interactive setting. They’ll develop a sense of you as an employer and a professional as you respond to questions in real time. You can ask team members involved in hiring to collaborate, or shoot a series of videos with managers in different departments. Remember to promote these events several days in advance for maximum participation – if you can commit to a regular monthly or weekly schedule, it’ll be easier for candidates to tune in.

Gather Testimonials

They’re not just for satisfied customers – you can use this same strategy to promote rave reviews from happy employees! Candidates will trust a positive review from a similarly-situated employee. If you have an internship or college mentorship program, encourage younger employees to shoot “behind the scenes” videos about a day in the office, or interview each other about the experience.

Social media is popular because it gives users access to sprawling, integrated social networks. With a little planning and some strategic use of digital media, you’ll have no trouble turning these highly versatile networking platforms into a social recruiting tool.

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