How to Use Video Marketing to Grow your Business

Video and visual content (infographics, photos, graphics, etc.) perform better online than plain text does. Videos bring in more online traffic, and ultimately, generate more leads and sales. Allow yourself and your brand to stand out by producing and publishing creative videos. The following are some ways to use video marketing to grow your business on your way to becoming a small business branding success story.

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Product Education

Videos that educate consumers about your product and demonstrate how to use a product are extremely powerful in online marketing. While shopping online, consumers can’t interact with an object and do hands-on research. Videos bridge this gap by allowing consumers to get to know a product and how it functions. These demonstrations are also essential to showing people how great a product is. Sometimes you have to see something in action to truly understand how valuable it is. On the same note, videos are helpful for troubleshooting and for customers who need help with the product. In that case, videos provide customer service and lead to decreased customer service calls.

Website Content

How can you make your website unique and engaging? Videos are a great place to start. Most consumers nowadays are not interested in reading long text on a new business or a brand. To break things up, and to make your content appealing, you can post videos throughout your website. For example, placing videos on landing pages increases lead generation. Additionally, visitors generally stay on pages longer if the page contains a video to watch. These behaviors improve search engine optimization and search engine ranking.

Get to Know Us

Videos featuring the face of a company or a company team allow website visitors and potential customers the chance to engage on a face-to-face level with the personalities behind a business. This interaction is more impactful than just reading about the team or the company culture and values; you get to actually hear about the company’s missions and products from someone who is passionate and personable. Remember when it was normal for people to buy from door-to-door salesmen or from department stores? Now online shopping is becoming the norm, but videos can maintain a human element in the purchasing process.


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Have you been working with social media influencers in your online marketing campaigns? If not, it’s never too late to start! Videos are a great way to collaborate with influencers to produce how-to videos or videos that review your product or service. For example, a company that produces and sells a specialty dish-washing sponge might send a free sponge to an influencer that blogs for homemakers. The influencer may keep the product for free in exchange for content featuring the sponge and the exposure. The influencer and/or blogger documents the experience and might even recommend the product to his or her audience.

Collaborations with influencers lead to exposure of your company and your product across the influencer’s social media accounts (including platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook). The online communities following the influencer will learn about your product, and you might reach potential customers who hadn’t heard of you previously.

When starting a collaboration with an influencer, make sure that both parties are going to benefit from the campaign. Discuss the expectations, so that there are no surprises; you want the interaction to be as beneficial and as agreeable as possible. Always make sure to follow-up with the influencer after the collaboration. You’re developing a relationship that may lead to future collaborations and campaigns down the road.

While publishing online videos to grow your business, be strategic about where you place the videos. Inject your email marketing, landing pages, and social media posts with videos featuring valuable content. Your videos don’t have to be top-notch to be effective as long as the content and the messaging is valuable and engaging. Don’t be intimidated, and get started on your video marketing!

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