Creative lead generating ideas

Lead generation is the process of encouraging potential customers to take a look at your product and/or services. Generating leads can foster relationships that result in a conversion, or a sale for your business. It can be challenging, but there are many options available today with the various modes of communication there are online to optimize lead generation and conversion.

The following are some strategies for producing leads through online marketing. First, determine your goal you are reaching for with lead generation. Are you trying to increase sales, develop an email marketing list, increase likes on Facebook, or increase the traffic to your website? The possibilities are endless. Once you have an end goal in sight, you can start planning your campaign to generate leads.

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Email Marketing

To generate an email list of potential customers and newsletter readers, the best practice is to offer something of value in exchange for someone’s contact information. You may lead people to a lead generation page where they have the option to fill out a contact form. Submission of the contact form gives you permission to add that individual to your email newsletter list, and in return, that person gets something of value, like a coupon code.

To generate and nurture leads via email marketing, we recommend developing an email drip campaign. In an email drip campaign, future emails are spaced out to avoid spamming a new customer. The emails may also be triggered by specific behaviors. For example, when someone signs up for the newsletter, they will get a welcome email right away. Later emails are optimized for specific segments of the list. For example, you may send someone who hasn’t visited your website in while an email to remind them of your content and encourage them to come back.

Keep your email content fresh and engaging. Embed unique videos into your emails, like helpful how-to’s, offer seasonal promotions, direct people to your best performing blog posts, etc. to keep readings coming back.

Landing Pages

Directing people from your content to landing pages is an excellent way to generate leads and send people directly to the webpages you want them to interact with. (This prevents visitors from getting lost on your homepage and not following through with the action you’re looking for.) Landing pages can be linked to from Facebook ads, email marketing, QR codes, social media posts, profile pages, etc.

You will generate more leads if you create landing pages for specific segments of your target market. For example, a real estate company may create different landing pages for different cities where they have properties listed. A clothing company, for instance, may design different landing pages for products for men, women, and children. Place conversion forms on landing pages to generate leads and grow your contact list, and follow up to nurture leads as your list grows.


You may be surprised at how effective offering a promotion can be for generating leads. Even a small promotion (which may be all a small business can offer to start with) may result in increased sales and conversions.

Other examples of online promotions that generate leads include:

-Email a coupon code to first-time customers

-Create a social media contest asking people to enter for a chance to win a free product

-Offer a reward or incentive to current customers for referring a friend to your services or business

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These are just a few examples. Be creative, and always remember to track the results of your efforts, so you can determine what has been effective and worthwhile.


Publishing a blog on a regular basis is an effective method of improving traffic to your website and generating leads. Someone reading your blog may decide to go to your homepage from the posts and/or follow the hyperlinks in your posts and purchase your product.

Try to post a blog every day or a few posts a week. Quality blogs also contribute to improvement in search rankings and the length of visits to the website. There are ways to keep the content on your blog fresh. Start guest blogging collaborations in which you and another blogger produce a post for each other’s platforms. You can host promotions on your blog and/or collaborate with influencers to run promotions and contests on their blogs. Always make sure to link to your collaborators’ content, and ask them to link to yours.

Evergreen Content

Offering appealing, valuable evergreen content in exchange for asking users to sign up for your email newsletter has proven to be an effective way to generate leads. Content that is evergreen is high-quality, valuable information that can be enjoyed by different users. It never really loses its value. For example, in exchange for filling out a lead generation form, you can offer users a PDF download of a free E-book containing how-to information or insider knowledge. A company selling tupperware may offer a free cookbook, or a home improvement store might offer a checklist for roof maintenance. Other types of evergreen content include insider’s guides, tutorials, checklists, how-to’s, white papers, and more.

Social Media Paid Advertising

An investment in paid social media advertising can go a long way if managed correctly. To extend the reach of your marketing efforts, you may develop Facebook ads, Promoted Pins on Pinterest, Promoted Tweets on Twitter, promoted content on Snapchat, etc. Be sure to segment the ads to target different demographics in your audience, and A/B test your ads to find out which models are generating the most leads. If your ad directs visitors to a landing page, be sure that the landing page is also optimized for the demographic you are targeting.

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Facebook in particular is a popular social media platform for paid advertising. Facebook offers different types of ads to meet your marketing needs, like install your app, like our page, click to your website, and claim our offer. Facebook also offers lead generation ads that encourage users to fill out a lead generation form.

Always follow-up with the leads you generate in your marketing campaigns. Develop and nurture these relationships; this will promote a positive image of your brand, improve sales, and sends the message that you care about your customers. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to exercise your creativity to generate leads.

Square 1 Group is a boutique web development firm dedicated to producing elegant and effective websites for clients. If you’re interested in learning how our personalized web design and website management services can improve your lead generation efforts, contact us today for a consultation.

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