Ways to Generate More Leads & Customers Using Social Media Videos

Lights, camera, action! Developing and producing your own videos may be a new and intimidating endeavor. However, the increase in engagement and leads you’ll see coming through your creative lead generating social media ideas will be completely worth it!

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It’s proven that videos on social media increase views and engagement for companies. According to HubSpot, videos increase views of social media content by almost 50%, and videos increase engagement by a whopping 65%. Improved engagement and the increase in views will produce greater lead generation for your company and your product or service. Here’s what to consider while strategizing lead generation with customers through social media videos:

Social Media Platform

Your social media video campaign will look different depending on which platform you are working on. For example, video content for Twitter and Snapchat should be shorter than video content for Facebook and YouTube. In any platform that allows it, pin videos to the top of your profile to increase views and engagement with successful content.

Some social media platforms now allow video comments on content. If you have a post that is performing well, engage with your audience with a video comment. Creating an online presence is strong way to build your branding and nurture leads online. Don’t forget about engagement with B2B connections as well through videos and comments on your video posts. Just remember to optimize each video for the platform it will be posted on.

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Video Length & Audio

As you customize your videos, you’ll quickly realize that different platforms call for different video lengths. People on Facebook are more likely to devote more viewing time to longer videos as they scroll through their newsfeed. They’re also more likely to listen to a video that functions well without audio. Sometimes people don’t want audio on, even when they’re interested in a video, when the sound might be distracting to those around them. Effective videos work with or without audio when you include captions and use creative editing skills. Instagram is another platform on which audio-less videos perform well.

On a platform like Snapchat, audiences are looking for bite-size, visual content that they can check throughout their day. You only have so long to get and keep someone’s attention, so keep that in mind as you craft and edit your videos.

Paid Advertising

Most companies are now using paid advertising on platforms like Facebook to boost the effectiveness of their social media videos. The great thing about paid advertising is its native appearance on the platform; it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb or look like spam. As people scroll through their newsfeed, they’ll come across your ad that is mixed in with organic posts.

Purchasing advertising on social media gives you the opportunity to experiment with your video content. By following the analytics, you can target a market with different budgets and segment out your video ads. You’ll find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Try boosting your social media videos with paid advertising to start generating and nurturing more leads through your social media efforts.


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Promotions & Offers

Videos grab people’s attention and keep them interacting with content. To make your content appealing and worthwhile, offer your audience promotions and evergreen content. A promotion could be as simple as an online shopping coupon for free shipping or a small discount. Evergreen content is content that never loses its value. A helpful how-to video or a troubleshooting video that helps people better use your product are examples of evergreen content. Valuable content keeps viewers coming back, so you can start to nurture leads from within your social media audience.

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Link to your best-performing blog posts, infographics, interviews, Q&A, how-to’s, product spotlights, news stories, and educational content from your videos. Additionally, remember to engage with your audience on your creative and unique content. Ask your followers about themselves and encourage them to comment on your videos with their experiences, hashtags, and photos.

Be creative, and don’t be afraid to try your hand at creating social media videos. Just keep tweaking and practicing your technique until you see the engagement and lead generation you are looking for to promote and grow your business.

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