Infographics: When and How to Use Them

No online marketing campaign is complete without valuable and engaging visual content like infographics. Visual media is the most effective form of content on social media networks, because it is eye-catching, appealing, and doesn’t take long to read. Demonstrate your value, develop your online presence, and promote your online branding by regularly posting infographics. Read on to learn more social media best practices for publishing and sharing infographics.

To produce an infographic, you’ll need the expertise of a graphic designer (unless you have design skills yourself) to bring your content to life. Use copy that is clean, to-the-point, and concise. An infographic shouldn’t be too wordy and shouldn’t overwhelm the reader. Below is an example of a section an infographic on Daily Infographic that shows clean design that effectively communicates data in a visual form.

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In terms of design, the goal of an infographic is to make complicated information easy-to-understand. For example, many infographics feature graphs of data and visualizations of statistics. Additionally, blending the company colors into the color scheme of the infographic can be a nice touch.

A great time to publish an infographic is when you want to share your expertise and knowledge on a current and relevant issue. For example, green company may publish an infographic about a natural resource crisis or about the importance of recycling. Current information will be more shareable and will encourage more click-throughs. As mentioned previously, visual content is much more engaging in comparison to text or other forms of communication on the same topics.

Another effective type of content for an infographic is evergreen content. Evergreen content is information that will always be useful and relevant for your audience. The infographic below about 8 Packing Techniques is an example of evergreen content that will always be applicable to readers. It’s educational, valuable, and almost anyone would be interested to learn better methods for packing for a trip.

As you plan out your infographic, think about what subject or topic will engage your audience (your target market). The closer you hit the mark, the more your audience will view and share the infographic. You may also want to publish a press release about your infographic, especially if it is about a current issue.

When you produce a new infographic, share it on your blog in the form of an embedded image in a blog post. Always share your infographics on social media as Facebook posts, Instagram photos, a pin on Pinterest and tweet about it on Twitter. Don’t forget to embed your infographic in your company email newsletter as well. The Color Emotion guide below from @islandwebhost is an excellent example of how to share content from your infographics on Instagram.

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Some additional best practices for creating infographics include:

-Always cite your sources at the bottom of your infographic.

-Include ‘About the Author’ information on your infographic, including your website and how to find you.

-Offer readers access to the HTML code by embedding it at the bottom of the infographic, so they can easily share your content.

-Sometimes less is more, and infographics definitely follow that rule. Too much information is not effective with audiences; make quality content that is short and interesting.

-Your infographic should be easy to share on social media.

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The Tiny House Infographic above by The Tiny Life illustrates these best practices for creating unique, engaging, and appealing infographics. Feel Free to browse our blog to learn more best practices for small business online marketing.

Are you interested in learning more about infographics and other online marketing best practices? Our web development team at Square 1 Group provides personalized and customized web design as well as maintenance and support. We are also available for online marketing content creation. Contact us today for a consultation!



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