How to Repost on Instagram: Easy Ways to Reshare Content

Social media platforms that primarily allow users to share photos and videos are becoming incredibly popular. Not everyone wants to read through a lengthy status or articles; short-form, bite-size content is extremely engaging. Furthermore, visual content consistently performs better than textual content. Once you’re on Instagram, be sure that you are reposting content as well as posting original content on your profile. Read on to find out more about this essential skill that marketers need to know this year.

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Sharing photos and videos, writing captions (limited to 2,200 characters), commenting, liking, adding filters to images, and direct messaging are the main actions that users may choose from on Instagram. Engaging with other users and sharing original, valuable content will inevitably grow your follower base. But if you aren’t reposting, or regramming, on Instagram yet, you are missing out on excellent engagement.

Reposting images on Instagram will draw the attention of the audience of successful users. The second thing it does is show appreciation to users who post great content and increase their exposure as well. Simultaneously, it’s a chance to share worthy photos that have already been created. Once you start reposting on Instagram, you will see the benefits of increased engagement and increased followers. However, be sure to use the appropriate etiquette when reposting someone else’s work.

First, ask the original creator of the content for their permission to repost their photo on your Instagram profile. You can ask them in a comment or in a direct message on the website. Next, you need to give credit to the original poster and tag them in your regram.

You can post to Instagram on your mobile device, or even on a desktop computer (when using a tool like Iconosquare). There are apps that streamline the reposting process. For example, you can try using the apps Repost, Insta Repost, Save & Repost, and Regram. If you prefer not to use an application, you can repost by extracting the photo from a screenshot and copying and pasting the original caption.

One popular feature offered in various reposting apps is the repost icon and caption added across the original Instagram photo. This signals to users viewing their newsfeeds that the photo is a regram. These additions sometimes include the username of the original poster. The photo below is an example of a repost by the user @bakelikeapro. The photo is reposted from user @karim,bourgi. As you can see, in the bottom left-hand corner of the image, the original poster’s username appears next to a repost symbol. Note that two of the many hashtags in the caption include #repost and #regram, two popular hashtags that indicate a photo is a repost.

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Don’t be afraid to try your hand at reposting on Instagram! The process is not as intuitive on other platforms, but the reasons for doing it are worth the investment in learning how to repost. In the best scenario, the original creator will like your regram and will comment on your post. Continue to engage with their content and develop a good relationship. You may want to repost their content again in the future. Good luck, and enjoy posting!

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