What Is Canva and How Can it Help My Business

Canva is an online content creation tool for designing documents, marketing materials, and social media images. Founded in 2012, Canva makes it possible for those without traditional graphic design backgrounds to create materials for work, independent businesses, and personal documents. Self-titled as “Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software,” Canva may be one of the tools you need to succeed as a marketer this year.

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Canva provides you and your team with the tools needed to create online marketing materials with ease. Adding Canva to your toolbox and marketing campaign can be a game changer. In social media marketing, it’s extremely important to publish unique, valuable content on a regular basis. This can be difficult for a small business to do with limited resources, especially if a graphic designer is not on the marketing team. Furthermore, visual design is crucial in your social media plan, since visual content performs better than any other.

Learning how to use and implementing a graphic design tool like Canva may help your business in various ways. First, it requires a lower budget than software like Photoshop and Adobe. Secondly, it may assist you with freeing up your graphic designer’s time, because other team members will be able to create graphics.

Amazingly, if you can drag and drop items on the computer, then you will be able to use Canva’s interface. Canva also offers sharing capability, so that you can share your designs and documents with other marketers on your team or with others at your company. The ease of communication and sharing on Canva means that others can comment on your work and edit the same documents (depending on the settings you choose), just like in a Google Doc.

The sheer amount of options on Canva is impressive. There are thousands of layouts to choose from, one million stock photos, different fonts, icons, colors, and a photo editor that controls filters and brightness. There are templates and guidance to create well-designed content without having to spend hours learning new skills and programs. For example, with a click of the mouse, you can start working on custom projects, Facebook cover images, company letterhead, business cards, resumes, invitations to events, social media templates with the correct image sizes, presentations, and proposals.

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Canva for Work adds tools for businesses that allow firms to represent their brands consistently. A brand kit includes colors and fonts to choose from throughout marketing materials and materials can be resized for different purposes. Marketers are able to customize templates and stream content to their team members. Furthermore, a Canva Animator was recently released, and Canva is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and WordPress.

A tool like Canva allows you to complete more content and publish content more regularly, which drives traffic and followers and improves SEO, brand awareness, and online presence. Take your online marketing to the next level and publish engaging content with attention-grabbing visuals straight from your office computer.

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