Top Fashion Brands You Should Follow on Instagram for Marketing Inspiration

Effective online marketing on social media platforms like Instagram is crucial to truly engaging with online users and generating leads. Today, more and more brands are becoming socially active and are taking their strategies to a new level. In a previous blog post, we explored what the top brands on Instagram are doing well, including how Target markets style and fashion. This blog post explores what fashion brands are doing to tap into their audiences and succeed on Instagram. Read on to learn about how these fashion brands inspire us to up our Instagram game.

Instagram is a natural choice for fashion brands. The photo-based social network is perfect for displaying clothes and looks. Consumers following and liking fashion photos are inspired to include the brand’s products and styles in their outfits. Achieving this type of engagement can be as simple as posting a photo of the product. For example, Steven Madden regularly posts high quality images of shoes on its Instagram account.

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This image of a woman’s high heel received approximately 17,000 likes and 151 comments were made on it. One user’s comment reads, “Send me these, I’m in love.” Steve Madden’s online fans trust the quality of the product, and the brand’s quality is reflected in the high quality of the photo and the shoe design. Now fans of the brand can browse what it has to offer from the comfort of their own home in a social media environment, and the post drives the type of engagement that will ultimately lead to more followers and future customers.

Steve Madden’s product-focused Instagram is inspiring, gorgeous, and successful. Surprisingly, another type of post that engages Instagram users are those that have nothing to do with fashion at all. In fact, posts that seem completely unrelated to a brand can produce the highest levels of engagement. The post in the photo below by Anthropologie is an example. You may know the Anthropologie brand as a women’s lifestyle brand that offers elegant clothes and chic home decor. You may recognize Anthropologie from shopping at the mall, but the Instagram post pictured below by Anthropologie doesn’t feature clothes.

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It shows spicy watermelon cocktails with information on how to access the recipe from the brand’s blog. In one post, the brand is simultaneously accomplishing various goals. It features its blog and potentially increases readership. The audience is inspired with ideas and recipes to enjoy during the summer season. Why not try a new flavor and enjoy it by the pool with friends?

In another example, an adorable Instagram post by J. Crew features a cute dog and the pet owner wearing a denim jacket. If you look closely, you’ll see that the brand is actually sharing content from Nordstrom, a high-end fashion retailer. The regram signals to the audience that J. Crew publishes current fashion news and images from leaders in the industry. It is also beneficial for both J. Crew and Nordstrom to share each other’s content and to get more exposure in front of each other’s audiences. This is further encouraged by the use of the hashtag #nordstrom; those following #nordstrom will be interested in what J. Crew has to offer.


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And don’t forget, even if a cute dog may not have much to do with fashion, it’s definitely lovable and shareable content that people will enjoy sharing with their friends.

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Nike has an Instagram account with more than 73 million followers (at the time of this post). In the Instagram post pictured above, Nike posted an image of a crowd cheering on Travis Scott. The mood in the photo is exciting, adventurous, and entertaining. Both this post, as well as the previous post by J. Crew, shows that fun and creative posts paired with playful captions do well on Instagram. Remember, this social network is designed for visual content paired with short-form text.

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Urban Outfitters also embraces an adventurous spirit in the Instagram post featured above. The model appears to be enjoying the breeze and the outdoors. Users getting ready to enjoy the summer and vacation time can use the information in the caption to buy the blouse the model is wearing in the image. Urban Outfitters has included the SKU number, so the product will be easy to find.

Another strategy used in this photo that may not be immediately obvious is the use of the hashtag #UOonYou. The brand actively encourages users to tag #UOonYou in their own original content and sometimes will feature user-generated content. This type of engagement and relationship building goes a long way towards developing an online presence and a loyal fan base.

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Alternative Apparel is another fashion brand that is killing it on Instagram. The brand allows users to shop off of their Instagram feed. A secondary website (linked to in Alternative Apparel’s Instagram profile) features the brand’s Instagram feed (you can see what this looks like in the photo above). When a user clicks on an image they are redirected to the product page where they can place an order for the item that was featured in the Instagram photo. The process is almost seamless and makes it incredibly easy for someone to have the items they have been admiring on social media.

What all of these brands have in common is that they are publishing high quality posts that engage users through a variety of topics and engagement. The posts are geared towards what the audience wants to see while making it easy to purchase the product if they’re interested in doing so. The result is both the brand and the customers get to share each other’s love for fashion in a creative, fun, and unique way.

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