Five Digital Tools for Healthcare Providers

According to a recent article from Healthcare IT News, the healthcare industry is “poised to leap forward in terms of technological change.” It’s true—healthcare providers are increasingly turning to technology to provide better care and expedite old processes.

Whether your practice is big or small, these digital tools can help healthcare professionals like you improve customer service and patient care.

1) HIPAA approved communications tools: Clinical communication can be slow, but using a secure collaboration tool eliminates long wait times. These tools can help you get lab results, consults and critical information much more quickly.
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2) A personalized, modern website: Although many providers have listings online, having a distinctive website for your practice can set you apart. Pro tip: make sure you have a site that looks good on different types of screens.
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3) Cloud-based billing and scheduling software: Often working in tandem, a billing and scheduling software automates these tedious but critical processes, and can eliminate human error.
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4) Real-time patient feedback software: Enrich your patient relationships and improve customer service by getting on-site feedback, immediately after a patient visit.
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5) Electronic Signature Software: By utilizing an e-signature software, you can secure signed agreements and patient paperwork in minutes. Patients can fill out forms securely, remotely, and from any device in real time.
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Don’t be afraid to try new technology—being an early adaptor can put your healthcare practice ahead of the pack, earning patient loyalty and streamlining your day-to-day operations. Check out something new today.

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