Does Business Blogging Still Get Results?

With all of the time, resources, and efforts that businesses put into content marketing, you may be wondering, is business blogging still worth it as a content strategy? We know that publishing online marketing content is essential to creating a brand presence online and showing up in search. The short answer is yes, business blogging still gets results and spreads news about your business. Read on to learn more.

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Orbit Media Studios conducted an annual survey on the results and blogging trends reported by 1377 online bloggers. (Click here to read Hubspot’s coverage on the survey, including their helpful infographic on the research findings.)

The survey findings show that the vast majority of bloggers (approximately eighty-five percent of those who responded) reported that they see results from their blogging efforts. In fact, the number of bloggers who responded that they get results increased by one-fifth over the past year. So we are excited to report that yes, business blogging still gets results. The survey does report some interesting findings about the benefits companies enjoy from blogging as well as how some of the blogging trends have been changing.

Blogging Benefits

We understand that your time is valuable, and no one wants to devote time and resources to content strategies that aren’t achieving results. Luckily, it’s easy nowadays to publish a blog, even without any design knowledge, with blogging platforms like WordPress. But be sure to publish your company blog directly on your domain. The following are some benefits that companies and content marketers can still reap from publishing a blog.

  • Many companies have seen how publishing a blog increases traffic to your website. As bloggers publish regular content to the company website, the increased number of website pages are indexed into search. Furthermore, a blog that covers information on topics that interest your target market will attract more traffic from search to your website.
  • Marketers find that a blog posts are an excellent opportunity for the use of long-term search keywords. For example, it’s not easy to promote long-term search keywords on product pages or on company About Us pages. So as you craft your blog posts, be sure to include some long-term search keywords.
  • Along with increased traffic, your website’s SEO will improve from publishing a blog. If you post original content and post regularly, you will see an improvement in SEO. Don’t forget that you may also benefit from other websites linking to your blog.
  • Blogs can go a long way with increasing sales on your website. Customers searching online for products and/or services who come across your blog may decide to visit your product pages and make a purchase. There are other ways potential customers may come across your blog (such as from social media, email marketing, or from search), but if they’re intrigued and engaged, they may decide to become a customer.

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  • Posts on your blog are also a place where you can increase lead generation through the use of lead generation forms and landing pages. Why not link to lead generation forms on your blog? The blog post could be the perfect place to explain the form to people visiting the page.
  • Your blog is the place where you can shine and develop a brand personality to share with your readers. Setting yourself apart and differentiating your business through your blog may be the perfect place to show readers that you aren’t just like every other company in your field.
  • Show your potential customers that you are the expert in your area by sharing helpful information and answering common questions in your blog posts. Your fans will be happy to find helpful information in an area of interest. As potential customers contemplate purchasing your product and/or services, they will feel better knowing that you have specialized knowledge to share with a friendly tone. Your blog may be where your readers are first introduced to your product and its features.
  • Regularly publishing a blog provides the platform for opportunities for collaboration with influencers. Collaborations may look like guest post exchanges, asking an influencer to review and/ or share your product, and reciprocal social media posts promoting the blogs.
  • Almost all bloggers in the survey reported promoting their blogs on social media. Social media promotion helps direct traffic from your followers to your blog and to other pages of your website.
  • More than half of the bloggers reported that they promote their blogs through email marketing campaigns. Email newsletters are an effective content strategy, but marketers sometimes struggle to find valuable content to share in their email marketing designs. Sharing your most successful and timely blogs is an excellent resource to share with customers through your marketing emails.

Blogging Trends

Not only did Orbit’s survey shed light on the benefits of blogging and the results reported by experienced bloggers, but the findings also highlighted some blogging trends. As you craft and publish your blog, keep some of these trends in mind for inspiration and ideas.

  • The survey findings show that bloggers are spending more time on their blog posts than ever. Three hours and twenty minutes was the average time fueled into a blog post by the bloggers surveyed. (This is one hour longer than the findings from the year before.)
  • Updating and re-publishing past, successful blog posts is a common blogging technique. Bloggers in the study shared that they still see results from revitalizing their older posts.
  • Orbit found that influencer outreach was the most successful strategy shared by the bloggers for promoting their blogs with audiences. Collaborations with influencers leverage the popularity of the influencer with different audiences to get your company and/or your brand in front of new potential customers.
  • Longer blogs are becoming more common and lead to better results. The average word count reported was 1142 words for one blog post.
  • Bloggers are including more visual and audio content in their blogs than in previous years. Bloggers shared that their blogs that feature images, video, and audio perform better than those that feature textual content alone.

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Business Blog Examples

The following blogs are popular business blogs that exemplify some of the above trends and benefits. Read them to find some inspiration and to see a real-life example of how business blogs make a big difference in a company’s online marketing content portfolio.

  • Whole Foods
  • Starbucks
  • REI
  • The Pioneer Woman
  • Linkedin
  • Etsy
  • The Pioneer Woman
  • Evernote
  • Coca Cola Journey Unbottled Our Blog
  • Mashable
  • Google Blog

So the next time you funnel hours of research, writing, and creative energy into a blog post, feel better knowing that business blogs still get results. When looking for inspiration, remember that you don’t have to write about the same topics every week; even topics that aren’t directly related to your field will interest your readers. The variety will keep readers engaged and differentiate you from the competition. Don’t forget to make it easy for your readers to share your blog with their family and friends on their social media. Lastly, have fun and share your passion for your area with your audience and potential customers.

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