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3 Proven Strategies To Get More Reviews In The Service Industry


Let’s face it, many of our online businesses are driven off of reviews.  Like it or not, they have become that painful backbone to the success of our business.  Can you blame the customers though? They like to do their due diligince to make sure they go with the best service.

The reason they’re a pain are because sometimes they’re so darn difficult to acquire.  After you’ve completed a job for a person, getting them to write a review can be a daunting task.  Trying to get a customer to remember to write a review can turn into a whole new sales process itself. Here is a 3 step proven strategy that can help with the process.

Act Fast

One of the biggest mistakes many companies have with regards to acquiring reviews is, they take too long to ask the customer. A key rule of thumb is to act quickly. As soon as you’ve completed the job, reach out to them and ask for a review. You are fresh in their mind. It’s easier for them to recall the entire experience because you just finished the service.

Make It Easy

It’s one thing to ask for a review. It’s a whole other process to explain how and where to review. Do you want them to leave it on Yelp or Google Plus? How do you get them there? What is the process to creating an account?

Let’s face it, these platforms don’t make it too easy to quickly leave a review. Sometimes the customer would have to go though several layers of miscellaneous jargon just to find your business page. One of the easiest things you can do is create a step-by-step guide to leaving a review. Simplify the process. Brush off that Microsoft Word App and jot down some instructions with links and screenshots. The next time you ask for a review from a customer, simply send them this guide.

Create an Email Drip

The problem with some customers are they sometimes get lazy and forget. No problem. It’s an easy fix. Simply create an email drip. You can automate the whole process with email applications like Mail Chimp or just have it written down somewhere like a dry erase board. Reach out to them once a week after you’ve completed your service. Make your message short and sweet. Remind them that if they like your work the best way to help your business is to write a review.  Make sure you link your account so they know where to leave the review.  Attach the instructions you made. Follow the drip until they’ve written a review or about 4 to 6 weeks pass. After that the emails start to become annoying. The last thing you want to do is urk a client because you’re bugging them for a review.

I hope this helps in your review acquisition process. If you enjoyed the read please leave a comment or review below. We appreciate your engagement and feedback. ’til the next post!