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Small Business Branding Success Stories

Everything starts out small – as these popular brands prove. With some initiative, hard work, and strategy, see how these small businesses developed their online branding to become successes on social media.

Beard Bib

Beard King is a great example of a company building its branding around a personality. Featured previously on the television shows The Doctors and Shark Tank, Beard King is a company ran by a couple: Nick Galekovic and Alessia Galekovic. Nick and Alessia came up with the flagship product the Beard Bib, a hair clippings catcher, when Nick kept getting hair all over their bathroom while shaving. Using their backgrounds in marketing, they launched a product that solves a problem in the lives of men all over the world.

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Beard Bib gained momentum and popularity through the brand’s videos and social media posts. The content drove home the comedic personality of the company. Online video content and product demonstrations also serve to educate customers on the practicality of the Beard Bib.

Nick and Alessia have developed a lifestyle brand that makes men feel good about their beards and feel proud about grooming their beards with trustworthy products. The king and queen theme makes everyone feel like royalty, including the people who share the bathroom who no longer have to deal with stray hairs.

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The beard bib comes in white or black and comes with a storage pouch, and the accessory products reflect the royalty theme with items like Imperial Beard Oil and Knight Beard Oil. Kits are featured on the website as well – including the King Kit (a beard care kit) and the travel kit.

A recent social media post by Beard King reflects the company’s personality: a leprechaun with four leaf clovers and gold coins in his beard celebrates St. Patrick’s Day and reminds users that beards are fashionable and fun. Additionally, the brand offers “Royal Resources” online, which are how-to videos on grooming. For example, videos feature topics like how to shave a patchy beard and humorous videos showing a caveman trying beard oil.

Coconut Bliss

With the whole food movement in full swing, Americans are wanting healthier food and are watching what they eat. It’s especially important for consumers to know how food is grown and processed. Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss is an ice cream brand that is free of dairy, soy, and gluten, and it’s a paleo-friendly frozen dessert. Coconut Bliss markets its brand by emphasizing that something healthy can still be tasty and satisfying. Consider their word choice when they call themselves “the evolution of ice cream,” “divinely creamy,” and ask customers to “find bliss.” The language communicates that the brand offers a blissful way to enjoy a favorite snack.

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Coconut Bliss engages its online community and customers by asking them to share photos of their ice cream via the hashtag #shareyourbliss. Customers post photos of their cartons of ice cream, of themselves sharing ice cream with friends, and of themselves eating Coconut Bliss products. New community members can browse the photos online to see how happy customers are with the product, the variety of flavors the company offers, and the different products it carries. Some customers post photos with the agave sweetened and vegan frozen dessert bars and ice cream bars.

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Recently, Coconut Bliss has posted content about its new product: ice cream sandwiches with hemp seed cookies. The company also offers sweepstakes and exclusives, which can be found on the left-hand side of the Coconut Bliss Facebook page.


You may be surprised to learn that ModCloth – one of the largest online clothing brands on the Internet – started out as an at-home pet project. Susan Gregg Koger and her husband Eric Koger started the brand back in 2002 as a way to make money during college. It was also a venue for Susan to sell her thrift store and vintage finds.

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People love thrift store shopping because they can find great, unique looks on a budget. ModCloth taps into this community’s needs by marketing how women can express themselves and their personality through their fashion choices. ModCloth also sells clothing in all sizes to fit all bodies, which sends an inclusive and empowering message. The company has come a long way from being a startup website and now offers distinct styles designed by independent artists. Shoppers on ModCloth can browse dresses, office wear, casual clothing, swimsuits, accessories, shoes and more.

Today, ModCloth employs 350 people across three different offices around the country. The mission of the company is to value its community by developing relationships and helping customers “feel like the best version of themselves.” Anyone in any size can find something that fits and speaks to their individual tastes.

This fashion and lifestyle brand has done an amazing job of keeping up-to-date with digital shopping. ModCloth encourages its community to share photos of looks and clothes purchased on the website. The company also publishes a blog with topics that appeal to its customers, ranging from DIY scented wax sachets to print mixing and throwback styles.

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A series of feminist interviews branded with the hashtag #StyleForAll are currently featured on the ModCloth blog. These posts share the stories of strong women in business, art, writing, and nonprofit organizations. The women are photographed wearing ModCloth’s styles; readers get to learn about empowered women and shop the same looks.

What do all these companies have in common? They go above and beyond to communicate how their products make customers feel and what they have to offer their communities through their branding and online content. Coconut Bliss makes people feel great about enjoying a healthy treat and making healthy choices in the grocery store, Beard King makes men feel like kings who deserve a comfortable shave, and ModCloth makes people feel like empowered individuals with creative expression to share with the world. These small business success stories prove that a small idea can make a big impact with creative thinking and planning.

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