The Best Snapchat Hacks & Features You Should Be Using

Snapchat isn’t just for friends anymore. Businesses are successfully publishing brand content to Snapchat and seeing their marketing efforts succeed. In How to Use Snapchat for Business, we covered paid advertising on the social mobile app, including Sponsored Geofilters, Snap Ads Between Stories, and Sponsored Lens. In this post, we’ll be looking at hacks and features that make using the app easier in your daily posts and social media marketing campaigns.

Snapchat is a visual social media platform (like Instagram) that features asynchronous, bite-size content. Users open Snaps (photos or ten-second videos) from their friends and users who they follow at their own pace. Snaps only appear for ten seconds before they disappear and cannot be reopened.

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Most users use Snapchat to send silly, candid photos and videos to their friend groups. But businesses have found that featuring products, promotions­­­­ (like coupons and giveaways), and behind-the-scenes material helps foster a following on Snapchat. After all, marketers have to adjust to the target market’s behavior, and people are using Snapchat more and more.

Quick Snapchat Facts

-The mobile app sees more than 100 million active users on a daily basis

-Snaps disappear after ten seconds

-My Story is accessible to your followers and disappears after twenty-four hours

-Up to ten seconds of video can be recorded and sent as a Snap

-Group chats can be created that include a maximum of 16 users. The group chat will be deleted after twenty-four hours.

-8 billion video views occur on Snapchat every day

As you develop your marketing campaigns and marketing strategies on Snapchat, feel free to use the following tips and tricks:

Voice and Video Calls: Start a chat by clicking on a friend’s name and then look at the icons. You can click on the video icon or the phone icon to start either a video call or a phone call, like on Skype. The recipient of the call request will have the options to either accept, ignore, or watch the call.

Search: Snapchat is becoming more versatile and adding more functionality. Now you can search the Stories on Snapchat for specific topics, like you might do on Pinterest or with hashtags on Instagram. Tap the magnifying glass icon to open the search feature. You can look up specific restaurants, bars, clubs, events, places, and more. You can also use the search feature to find friends, breaking news in your area or around the world, and pull up Stories published by professional news sites.

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Add a Hyperlink to a Story: After taking a photo, click on the icon that looks like a paperclip. This is the icon that you’ll tap on to add a hyperlink to the Snap. When users on Snapchat swipe up on the Snap with the added link, they will be redirected to the website of your choosing.

Add Jams to your Snaps: Make your Snaps unique by adding music tracks to them. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds. Just play music through your phone using any app and then let the music play while you take a video in Snapchat. When you play back the Snap, you’ll be able to hear the music.

Delete Single Snaps from a Story: While viewing your Stories, find the individual Story containing a Snap you’d like to delete. Look for the options icon (it looks like three vertical dots) and tap on it. Swipe up and hit the delete icon (it looks like a trash can). Now, the Story will still be intact, but the Snap you deleted will not be included in it.

How to Zoom: While capturing a Snap on your phone, put your finger on the Capture icon and then swipe up to zoom into the video or photo.

Save Snaps to Memories: Take a Snap and tap on the Download icon. A bubble will appear that says the Snap is saved to Memories. Another way to save a Snap to Memories is to tap on “My Memories” instead of on a friend to send the Snap to. You can access all of these Snaps in My Memories and edit them. Go to My Memories and hold down on a Snap. The editing screen will open and a bar at the top will say “My Snap.” Tap on My Snap to access the options Export Snap, Move to My Eyes Only, or Create Story from this Snap.

Use Shazam within Snapchat: Lovers of both the Shazam app and the Snapchat app will be thrilled to hear that you can now use Shazam from within Snapchat. Shazam is an app that identifies music playing in the room. Have you ever recognized a song, but you can’t recall the title or the artist? Or have you ever heard a song and wished you knew who sang it so you could download it on iTunes? It’s super easy to identify songs while Snapping. Just open Snapchat, and with the camera screen open, hold down one finger on the screen. Wait and the song information will appear in a pop-up.

Photo Credit: httpss://twitter.com/linkinpark/status/839183528579362816

In the example above, tweeted by Linkin Park, you can see that not only can you pull up song information, but you can also add the band or musician you are listening to as a friend on Snapchat.

Look up QR Code: Just like with Shazam, a QR code scanner is built-in to the Snapchat app. Open Snapchat and simply point the camera screen at the QR code you are trying to read. While holding your phone, hold your finger down on the QR code on the phone screen. A pop-up will appear that says a QR code has been scanned. You can choose to view or dismiss the code; if you tap on view, you will be redirected to the information from the code.

Magic Eraser: Is there an object in your Snap that you wish you had moved before taking the photo? Take a Snap and tap on the Scissor icon. Then, tap on the Stars icon. Now, when you use your finger to rub on objects in the Snap, they will disappear.

Photo Credit: httpss://support.snapchat.com/en-US/article/delete-story

If you’d like more help with Snapchat, then check out Snapchat Support. As it says in the byline on their website (see the photo above), “Discover tips and tricks” to allow you to get the most out of the app. Figure out how far you can push the app to work for you and your goals.

What to Market on Snapchat

Successful brands on Snapchat include Taco Bell, Gatorade, Sour Patch Kids, Mashable, and Starbucks. Wondering what to market for your business on Snapchat? Here are some ideas:


-Sharing company culture and meeting the team

-Sharing an event

-Education on the product


Now that you have a better handle on the app, enjoy snapping!

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