Best countries for outsourcing website design

Last week I started a thread on hiring the best web developers overseas.  This week I’d like to pivot to hiring the best web designers overseas.

Many countries have some really great and very terrible (that pose as great) web designers. My goal with this post is to try to find you the best web designers at the cheapest rate.

I want to preface this post by saying that (at the end of the day) beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.  What I think looks great may not be in another person’s best taste.  Also, I typically base my decisions on Material Designs. These are Google’s basic guidelines for UI creation.

Preparing for the hire

When looking to post for a new hire, always start with a solid job description and an expectation of when you would like them to be available to work for you.  Once you put out an online application on a website like Upwork, you will immediately be bombarded with a ton of applications.  In order to make a decision of who to hire, try creating some criteria to reference the applicants designs against.

Prior to ever getting started, I recommend to begin with some basic research on how a solid website design should look like.  Take a moment to hop on Google images or Pinterest and do a search for modern website design, best website design or material website design. Create a folder on your desktop or a pin board to collect all of the designs you really like. Then, as the applications for new designers come in, cross reference your desired looks with the applicants and it will be much easier/faster for you to make a decision.

Where are the best designers?

Each country has their fill of good, great and garbage designers.  In my experience I’ve found that some of the best designers are from Western Europe.  In my opinion, they’ve really become the gold standard for great design inspiration around the world.  Some of the best UI and UX design have originated from places like Armenia, Germany or the Netherlands.  If you’re looking for a designer that’s cut from a different cloth then I recommend starting your search here.  However, be prepared to spend a hefty dollar!  A typical rate is about $25+/h and a simple website design of a few pages can run a minimum of about 30 hours.  Once you include the time for revisions, you can start to ball park how expensive hiring from here will be.

Best designers with the cheapest rate

I found a sweet spot when it comes to hiring some really great designers and a very reasonable rate.  That sweet spot is in the Philippines.  It will take some time to find the right candidate but when you do, you can expect that designer to be around for the long term.  You can look to spend upwords of $300 – $500 total on a full-on website design.

Filipinos seem to have the right eye for design and also stay up-to-date on the latest design trends.  Filipino’s aren’t as innovative as their Western European counterparts so you will need to provide a ton of guidance. Be prepared to go through several initial revisions just for them to understand what you’re going for. Once you’ve established the creative direction your are looking for, my Filipino brethren know how to imitate to make it look great!

I hope this blog post helps you out if you’re in the hunt for a web designer.  What do you think?  Do you have a better resource or location for picking up some high quality talent? Please leave a comment below or message me your thoughts! Also, check back next week when I go into a deep dive for hiring a VA.

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