How to use a blog for brand building

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Blogging is such an important part of running a business website. Without it, it would be very difficult to rank in search engines, build your brand, or be discovered by potential new customers.

But that doesn’t mean blogging is a walk in the park. To help ensure your success, here a few brand-building blogging tips you should follow:

Have an Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars help you manage your content weeks or months in advance, creating a visual content map for their team. This ensures your content is well-balanced and diverse, providing you with a high-level overview of what’s being pushed out.

Be Patient

If you expect your blog to be a quick route to success, you’ll likely be disappointed. Blogging isn’t a fast track to an amazing ROI: it takes time to build, and you should be patient with your efforts. The more you maintain your blog, the better your chances will be to rank higher and reach your target market.

Capture Your Voice

Every business Your ould have a blogging “voice” that allows them to build a connection with the reader. Your blogging voice consists of the tone of your content, the format and style it’s written in, and the words you use to convey a message. Ultimately, your voice conveys your business personality. Take advantage of this unique branding opportunity to humanize your brand. Check out different business websites to see how they use brand voice in their blogs.

Hire a Freelancer

Not all businesses have the ability to handle consistent blogging efforts in-house. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your blogging efforts, consider hiring a freelancer. Work with them to create topics and put together an editorial calendar.

No matter what your budget is, chances are you can find a reliable writer to help you meet your content goals. Be sure to discuss writing guidelines to help them capture the voice you want to convey.

The content team at Square 1 Group is happy to help you with your blog. And of course, every great blog is built upon great SEO. Without it, your blogging efforts could prove futile.

Reach out to me today to discuss a potential content marketing plan.

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