How you can use videos to increase retention

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Video marketing is an important piece of the marketing puzzle. One survey found that 87% of marketers today are using video content in their strategy, and with one-third of all Internet users on video platforms like YouTube, businesses can’t afford to skip out on it.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can incorporate video into your marketing efforts and increase retention. After all, the more engaged a customer is, the more likely they are to be loyal. Here’s how you can achieve this:

Have Video Tutorials

Not all products and services are intuitive. In addition to building out a Knowledge Base or FAQ, create videos to accompany helpful articles. Not only will they appreciate the ability to easily discover answers, but you’ll also save time on customer service inquiries.

Use Video for Personalization

When your company is smaller, you can take advantage of incorporating strong personalization tactics into your video marketing. For example, if you know your customers’ birthdays, why not send them a video message wishing them a great day?

These personalization efforts go a long way towards building customer loyalty; a study from Harvard University found that establishing an emotional connection and making your customers feel unique was twice as valuable as having a highly satisfied customer.

Use Video Testimonials

Videos help build trust with your audience. Customer reviews are important because the majority of customers will refer to and trust reviews before they make a purchase. Video reviews help guide them through the buyer journey.

Create a Welcome Video

Every customer gets the standard Welcome email when they subscribe or make a purchase. Why not offer a welcome video, too? A video makes your message more easily digestible, and also helps humanize your brand. Introduce yourself to initiate a meaningful discussion. 

Show Your Culture

Company culture plays an important role today. Your culture embodies your business principles and values; this is the core of what your business stands for. Communicating company culture helps translate your business values into something more meaningful for current and potential customers.

If you need help with your video marketing, I’m happy to work with you to build a personalized strategy. Reach out to me for a non-obligatory chat about what Square 1 Group can do for you!

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