How to create good Google ads copy

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Good copywriting and best practices are essential for your Google ads campaign. Without, you could be creating low-performing ads that continue to put you in the deficit. Here a few tips to steer you in the right direction:

Be Creative With Your Copywriting

Google pushes 6 billion ads on paid search every single day, so chances are you’re competing with thousands of others for similar keywords. Although Google Ads comprises multiple moving parts, there are three sections where your content efforts should be focused.

1) Write a stellar, eye-catching headline

2) In the “Description 1” field, describe how your unique selling proposition benefits them or what your product/service has to offer

3) In the “Description 2” field, you expand upon those benefits and give them an incentive to click with a CTA.

Split Test Your Ads

Split testing your ads is a must: it allows you to see which areas of your content are highest-performing. There are multiple ad components you can test, including your CTA, display URL, headline, and much more—depending on your goals.

Think About Your Audience

Your audience is searching for the best solutions to their problems, and it’s important for you to think about each step of their buyer journey. For example, if a person is searching for a home, as a real estate agent, there are multiple stages they could be in: perhaps they’re just browsing with no immediate plans, or perhaps they feel serious but are trying to understand the tricky world of mortgages. Cater to these various steps throughout the buyer’s journey.

Stand Out From Your Competition

This is where your USP comes in, but you’ve got to dig a little deeper. Having low-priced products might be not be a powerful enough selling point if big box retailers with stronger brand recognition are in your area. Consider your advantages. Perhaps you cater to a niche segment rather than a broad audience, or have a local edge that makes it easier to resonate with residents.

Consider Pain Points

What really annoys and aggravates your target market? For example, in a Mercedes-Benz headline, they highlighted “No Appointments Needed”—they knew that their market hated commiting to official slot times. Put yourself in the mind of your ideal consumer and begin to craft split copy based on the pain points they might be experiencing.

I hope these ad copy tips start turning gears for your AdWords copy. At Square 1 Group, we do our best to help businesses like yours connect with customers.

Shoot a reply to this email, and we can have a non-obligatory chat about what we can do to improve your Google AdWords campaign!

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