How you can get more reviews for your business

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As you know, reviews are tremendously important for your business. The vast majority of consumers check different online review platforms to help them make purchasing decisions, and as a business owner, reviews should be a major priority.

Here are a few ways you can solicit much needed reviews that help boost sales:

Ask in Person

A human connection is a great way to solicit reviews—especially if you’ve just made a customer happy. Whether you’re in your store, at an event, or just finished closing a deal, take this opportunity to ask for a review. Be sure to hand them a business card so they don’t forget!

Display on Your Website

Your website should have a dedicated area where your best reviews are prominently displayed for your site visitors to see. Be sure to focus on design and execution, so that your reviews stand out on the page.

Incentivize Reviews

Sometimes, previous customers need a little bit of a push, and you can nudge them in the right direction with incentives for reviews. This could include discounts, free items, gift cards, exclusive access, and much more.

Promote Reviews

Sometimes, seeing other consumers take action with written reviews encourages us to do the same. Promoting written reviews offers several other benefits, too: it puts reviews in front of potential customers, and shows your appreciation for the reviewer.

Respond to Reviews

It’s important that you respond to every review—including negative reviews. A study from Harvard Business Review found that responses to negative reviews can actually boost your overall impressions, and shows you genuinely care about your service.

If you don’t feel like your website is getting the review it should, reach out to me and we discuss different marketing and web design strategies that can help boost your reviews.

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