How to Hire Virtual Assistants

Designing the perfect real estate website is about much more than putting together neat navigations and typography. Part of creating an effective website involves analyzing the latest web trends to make sure you’re capitalizing on popular techniques that work.

In this week’s YouTube feature, I discuss how to hire virtual assistants.

I’ve been using VAs for over a decade now and have set up VA teams for many of my real estate clients. While it’s clear that VAs can streamline many of your tasks, it’s important that you understand that there are concrete ways to integrate virtual assistants into your day to day operations.

From transaction management and marketing to sales and cold calling, VAs have become the backbone of a real estate agent’s routines. However, jumping into the VA landscape haphazardly will set you up for failure.

Throughout my video, I talk about critical key points:

  • Defining what a VA is (and common misconceptions)
  • How to find the right VA
  • Onboarding your VA
  • Setting the right expectations and communicating the plan
  • Day-to-day fulfillment
  • Measuring results

Check out the video here to learn more about hiring your own team of real estate virtual assistants! Armed with a bit of extra help, you can focus on key areas of your real estate business that only you can manage.

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