1 Hour for 1 Month: Social Media & Email Marketing Content Creation Strategy for Real Estate Client

In this week’s YouTube video, I wanted to focus on using social media as a part of your content strategy in your real estate career. Here’s how you can grow your social media channels by contributing one hour of time for the entire month.
Create a video discussing a topic you’re an expert in, and build out social content from that video for the month.
Step #1: Planning
Create a spreadsheet mapping out your social content ideas for the month. It helps to choose a general topic for each week, and create bullet points for discussion items across topics.
Step #2: Recording
You don’t need fancy camera equipment to get started. Standard video tech—like a smartphone or laptop cam—will get you going. You’ll spend about half your time creating your videos, which might take a while to nail down at first.
Step 3: Post Production
With a slightly bigger budget, you can focus on post-production to add a finishing shine to your content. Light balancing, audio tweaking, and perhaps some animation might be a welcome addition to your final video.
Check out the YouTube video to learn more about getting your social content on autopilot.

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