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This week, I wanted to take some time to discuss the importance of copywriting. Believe it or not, copywriting plays a very important role in digital marketing, and has long-term implications on the health of your website.

Having a great design simply isn’t enough. Web design may attract visitors with first impressions, but copywriting keeps them there. Here are a few things strong copywriting can do for your business:

  • Creates a stellar user experience and instills comfort
  • Improves your SEO, thereby increasing visibility and brand reach
  • Makes your brand more memorable
  • Gives your brand a voice that differentiates you from other companies
  • Helps you form relationship with visitors
  • Nurtures visitors with useful and valuable information
  • Encourages visitors to take action and leads them to convert

Good copywriting is compelling and persuasive. If you’re redesigning your website or starting a website from scratch, don’t leave content in the dust. As you navigate the language for your website, keep these copywriting tips in mind:

  • Don’t be afraid to break the rules to communicate effectively and establish the tone for your brand voice
  • Use paragraph breaks—digital content should be easily digestible and should embrace white space
  • Refrain from referencing industry jargon that isn’t widely understood
  • Consider the problem your company solves, and use emotion to instigate a solution
  • Craft a story and create a reader journey

If you aren’t a solid copywriter, all hope isn’t lost. There are several avenues you can take. For starters, here at Square 1 Group, we have our own team of dedicated copywriters and designers to give you the full package. Otherwise, you can hire a freelancer of your own—but be sure they have experience in your industry.

Contact Square 1 Group if you need help with web design and/or copywriting.

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