Using Google Ads to Generate Leads for your Real Estate Business

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to generating leads online. Whether it’s SEO, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn marketing, or even email drip campaigns, it’s clear that there are way more avenues for lead generation than you can take on at once—especially when you’re just starting out.

In this YouTube video, I’ll help you understand how Google Ads works and what it means when in terms of lead generation. Even with a smaller budget, you can drive traffic to your business using Google Ads.

Google Ads has multiple tools under its umbrella. In this video, we focus on three for real estate lead generation:

Google Search

These ads appear right below the search bar and above organic results. Keep in mind that ads that appear at the top generally receive a bulk of the traffic for that particular search term. This is why understanding bidding and honing in on keyword research is so important.

Google Display

Google Display is valuable for branding through remarketing. Start by creating a banner ad and then building a campaign in the Google Display Network to target potential clients that have already demonstrated an interest in agencies like yours.

Essentially, this builds brand awareness and makes it more likely for an individual to recognize your brand and feel comfortable reaching out. 

Video Ads

Customers enjoy watching videos, and many of them turn to YouTube to expound upon initial Google searches. Video also allows you to put a name, face, and voice to your brand.

Video ads are unchartered territory for real estate agents, which offers you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other agents and take a major market share.

Many real estate agents delegate their Google Ad campaigns (and other lead generation tactics) to their VAs. However, this is an area that you want to dedicate a piece of your budget to. To get desirable results, you need someone who has experience setting up and executing these campaigns.

Approach Google Ads like a scientist creating an experiment. Consider the scientific method: create a hypothesis, test the results, and review the data. Watch the video here to go deeper into what to expect from these three Google Ads tools!

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