Using Minimalism in Design

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A few weeks ago, I discussed web trends for 2020. One of those trends was minimalism. This week, I’d like to expound upon this minimalist trend. Here are a few key elements you should be aware of: 

White Space
White space helps eliminate the clutter of web design, embodying the “art of less” in minimalism. This offers fewer distractions and better user experience. 

Bold Typography 
Clean and strong typography is a key element of minimalist design. Typography creates focal points, commands attention to important content, and adds a strong visual layer to design. 

Color & Contrast 
Use a limited number of colors, but focus on a palette. Colors convey moods and act as a tool for visual performance. Consider the 60-30-10 rule for color in web design; 60% is the dominant color (typically white), 30% a secondary color (the color most associated with your brand), and 10% an accent color. 

Well-balanced design wins every time. Visual elements should be balanced white space, content, and color. Keep symmetrical balance in mind without relying too much on the mirror effect. 

If you need help creating minimalism designs, I’m happy to help get you started. Let me know how I can help you with your web design journey

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