How to Prevent Project Fallout With Your Web Developer

In this YouTube video, I discuss how to foster good partnerships with your web developer to ensure your project stays on track. There are several reasons why a web development project might go south—but the main two reasons are vision and communication.


One of the fastest ways a web development project can fail is because of a disconnect between the client and the website developer regarding vision for the project.

This is why the discovery phase is important. During the discovery phase, developers lay out the scope of work, creating a map of your website. Before work even begins, you should have a thorough document outlining project details. This document will serve as a guidebook throughout development.


Just like in any human relationship, communication is key. However, disagreements are natural. The best we can do is try to mitigate disagreements as much as possible by communicating daily.

Lay some ground rules for better communication. For instance, there is nothing more frustrating than a lengthy email chain revolving around different topics. Instead, pick up the phone to make clarifications, or encourage communication in project management platforms.

Angst and frustration are emotions that can lead to fallout. If you feel discouraged, always talk it out vs. letting it escalate. Finding a resolution offers you the opportunity to strengthen the relationship. There will be highs and lows, but having processes in place to manage them is essential.

I’ve worked with many agents to build their websites and marketing campaigns, so I understand the nuances on the client and agency end. I hope these tips help you maintain your vision and communication throughout your project.

Be sure to check out the full YouTube video for a more detailed discussion.

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