Five Vital Elements To Make Your Real Estate Website Look Luxurious

What makes a website luxurious? WE GET THIS QUESTION A LOT.

Although luxury is subjective and may mean different things to different people, there are five basic make-it-or-break-it-elements in making your website look as luxurious as possible.

These are

  1. COLOR
  2. FONT

Now let’s break them down in greater detail.

When it comes to color, brighter colors correlate to a cheaper price. The use of subtle colors like white or shades of grey will make your website look more elegant and classier.

Next is the font. The font of your website is extremely important. For example, something like Comic Sans is kind of more whimsical versus something like times New Roman (which is more traditional) and something like Helvetica (which is a lot more modern). Again, this is subjective so there isn’t a right or wrong answer. All that you can do is make sure that your font accurately represents your brand.

Third is photos. Stock photography (or videography for that matter) is a credibility killer.  Instead, choose photos that are unique. Use your original photos or try working with local photographers.  They are always looking for new ways to promote their work.

Fourth are pop-ups and distractions. Now, while there’s a bunch of really great data out there to justify the use of popups leading to higher conversion rates, nothing screams cheap louder than excessive use of these. Try your best to keep things minimal with limited distractions.

Last is abundance (or lack thereof). Fewer items that you feature in a large canvas area actually convey exclusivity and higher value. Simply put, less is more.

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