How To Set Up Drip Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Business

In this week’s YouTube video, I talk about setting up drip email marketing campaigns for your business.

Drip email marketing is a marketing strategy that automates the flow marketing messages to your leads and contacts over time. These touchpoints help nurture your leads without taking up too much of your manual time. I put together a 12-drip email campaign outline to steer you in the right direction:

Email 1: Thank you (sent after initial contact)

Email 2: Value-add informational email (sent next day)

Email 3: Reinforce your brand (sent three days after Email 1)

Email 4: Value-add; provide knowledge to your leads (sent one week after Email 1)

Email 5: Brand reinforcement in the form of success stories or testimonials (sent 8 days after Email 1)

Email 6: Value-add and informational (sent two weeks after Email 5)

Email 7: Brand reinforcement email (sent one day after Email 6)

Email 8: Value-add (sent three weeks after Email 1)

Email 9: Brand reinforcement, such as recent closing (sent 1 day after Email 8)

Email 10: Building another connection; share social pages (sent one week after Email 9)

Email 11: Create engagement that generates a response (sent one week after Email 10)

Email 12: Pivot email for clients who are non-responsive (sent one week after email 11)

Before you start your drip campaign, be sure to have customer profiles. I discuss customer profiles and this 12-drip campaign in greater detail in the YouTube video. Please check it out for a more in-depth explanation of the campaign outline.

If you have any questions or would like us to create a custom drip campaign for you, feel free to reach out!

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