Vetting Marketing Agencies: What To Ask

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If you’re considering working with a marketing agency for an upcoming project, it’s important for you to ask the right questions to vet them. Knowing what to ask early on can save you plenty of time, money, and headache later down the line.

It can help you determine the agency that’s best for you and learn who you’re most likely to develop a strong working relationship with. Here are four important questions:

What sort of clients do you work with?

Some marketing agencies specialize in working in certain industries. Knowing about previous clients can help you understand what knowledge the agency possesses within specific niches. Portfolio work is also important to help you assess how they handle design and marketing work for their clients.

What is your process for working with clients?

Every marketing agency has a specific process for ensuring successful work. Some processes may not work as well for you. Knowing what to expect for the process will help prepare you for what’s to come, and offer a high-level overview of how things will get done.

What marketing practices do you use?

Certain marketing practices might be more important for you than others. For example, do you want to focus on blog content for SEO, or is email marketing more effective for your business goals? Or perhaps you aren’t sure where exactly you your efforts should be focused and need more direction.

What are your strengths?

Agencies tend to specialize in certain niches. For example, some agencies will specialize in web design while others will specialize in content marketing strategies.

How do you measure results?

It’s no longer enough to just produce work without having processes in place for measuring those results. Understanding the difference that your investments make is crucial; it helps you determine what improvements you can make in the future.

I hope these questions help you put together a mini interview for potential agencies. And if you have any other specific questions for Square 1 Group, simply reply to this email.

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