7 Incredible Statistics About Web Design

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A beautiful website is instrumental in helping you grow your business. No matter what industry you’re in, web design plays a critical role in the success of your company. The following statistics prove that web design is truly integral to long-term success:

1) The average attention span is just eight seconds. This means you have just eight seconds to capture your audience. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a high bounce rate. First impressions are made within an even shorter timespan, at 0.05 seconds.

2) Mobile is now two-thirds of web usage. This means your website needs to be responsive, fast, and cater to the mobile browsing experience.

3) 94% of people that mistrust a website because of design-related elements.

4) 85% of small businesses make the mistake of overcrowding their websites with design elements, which proves overwhelming for the visitor.

5) Speed plays a big role in web design. In fact, 83% of site visitors expect a website to load within three seconds. And nearly half of visitors will have a negative outlook towards companies that have slow-loading pages.

6) Increasing your site speed by five seconds can increase your conversion rate by 74%.

7) 88% of consumers will not return to a website after a single bad experience.

I hope the aforementioned statistics demonstrate just how important web design is. Investing in web design can offer a strong ROI in the long-run, ultimately paying for itself in conversions and good brand experiences.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the web design process here at Square 1 Group, and how we address each of these statistics.

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