Six Important Web Design Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Your website is a representation of your business. Often, it’s the first point of contact you’ll have with a potential client. However, chances are you know more about real estate than you do about web design.

That’s where our team comes in. Having worked with dozens of real estate clients, we can help guide you. Here are five important web design tips to keep in mind:

Effective CTAs

Call to actions are important because they guide the visitor towards the next logical step. The easier the next step is, the more likely they are to take it. Your CTA should be simple, clear, and value-inducing. To increase conversions, it’s also important to have multiple calls of action.

Stellar Photos & Videos

First impressions are lasting impressions. Real, high-quality photos and videos of your team and listings will go a long way. Rather than rely on stock imagery, think about how you can make your design more authentic.

Social Proof

In an industry that relies heavily on referrals, social proof is a powerful marketing tactic. Written and video testimonials offer a glimpse into your service, and this social proof should be visible on your website.

Designing for Mobile

Studies have shown that the majority of users are searching from their mobile devices, and your website should be designed to cater to a variety of devices and sizes.

Furthermore, instead of just focusing on the elements of responsive design, it’s important to create a user-focused mobile experience. Think about the user journey from a buyer and/or seller’s perspective. Those steps create a digital map, and it’s your goal to incorporate those steps into your design.

Listing Integrations

Every real estate website needs to integrate listings, whether you’re using RETS, IDX, or another database platform of choice. This allows potential clients to search through properties you represent on the market. Think about how each option differs from one another in terms of cost, user experience, and maintenance.

Having a web design agency that understands the ins and outs of real estate can help you achieve your design goals. If you have any questions about our design process, feel free to reach out.