How to Create Stellar Lead Capture Forms

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If you aren’t happy with your conversion rates, chances are there’s room for improvement. If your website traffic isn’t converting, it might be time to take a step back and analyze your lead traffic forms.

Used correctly, your lead capture forms can positively influence the volume of conversions you’re seeing. There are several changes you can make to your capture forms to leverage their powerful potential. Here’s what you can do:

Limit Form Questions

If a user has to fill out too many questions in a lead capture form, they’re more likely to skip it entirely. Think about the 2-4 questions that are most important to your organization, and focus on those.

Use Smart Forms

Intelligent lead capture forms take less time to fill out because they utilize smart, autofill features that complete the bulk of the work.

Utilize Image Select Questions

Image Select Questions are visual form questions. These are helpful to utilize when you have several questions, as it increases engagement and feels more interactive to the user. They also help your form appear less generic.

Reword Your CTA

Your call-to-action is the phrase that encourages users to take the next step. If it isn’t enticing, it won’t contribute to the effectiveness of your capture form. For example, Netflix’s call to action is “Sign up free for a month.” Compare that to just “Sign Up.” As you can see, Netflix very clearly presents its value.

Re-Design Your Form

Sometimes, all it takes is a lead capture makeover to put your conversion numbers in good graces. Colors, typography, and layout can all make a huge difference.

If your lead capture form isn’t producing results, contact us to see how we can help you. We’ll take a look at your analytics to determine some areas for improvement.

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